My only fear in the direction the game is going (based on beta)

(Ross Martin) #1

Upon playing through the Battleborn beta I thoroughly enjoyed basically everything the game had to offer. The lack of sound/music and also a lack of 3rd person camera (especially with melee characters) were my main issues with the game thus far as balance is of course going to be ever changing especially since we are playing on only 2 maps on PvP. Despite the mode, map terrain shifts are going to make other characters weaker or stronger on maps (ie. if there aren’t a ton of hills on incursion kleese’s flying won’t be as much of an issue) so hopefully there is enough variety in maps to come in the same modes. The only real issue that stands out to me is the fear of the Diablo 3 effect.

So far progression in the game is relatively quick. People were able to grind to 40 in less than a week unlocking most if not all the characters in the game. While they are all very versatile and interesting in their own way, it still begs the question, when the grind for your character’s leveling, and your account leveling, is so fast what is left to do at end game? My biggest fear is that you may end up just playing the same characters, grinding for gear to get small percentages on stats changed. This is a current issue with games like D3 where, because of randomly generated stats, Blizzard has to make new seasons so farming and rerolling gear isn’t so boring for about a week, temporarily breathing life back into their game. Obviously a “season” system wouldn’t work well in a game like Battleborn, but it is an issue that happens from randomly generated loot numbers in competitive games. I feel it’s a great system for Borderlands but in the long run may just bore people out of the game play and make the PVP elements of the game imbalanced.

There have been posts on reddit discussing the value of the random numbers in a competitive future for this game already and so far I’m really just bringing it up for the longevity of a basic consumer. This is an outcome that will take months to see the results for when people have fully done the pack grinds. The shard value is kind of a deterrent but when you are talking the value of one shard pickup to a % of attack damage there is really no question. Perhaps a flat system or tier system built within the items would be more beneficial in the long run. My 2 cents.

(Is this thing on?) #2

I guess that’s why you always start at level 1 in actual games, regardless of how many levels/characters/mutations you’ve unlocked. And activation cost means you don’t have all your carefully selected gear active right from the start. That suggests end-game will be exploring novel team combos/strategies in attempts to out-play whatever the meta-of-the-day happens to be?

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I actually mastered Miko on the Beta, and yet he was (almost) the only character I played with.

Look, Battleborn made sure every match is different. Characters, helix and gear all make a game unique.
You can change your helix and the order of the gear you use based on your own team and your enemy team, making the game extremely replayable.

I understand your fear, but I don’t think it really will be an issue.