My op levels dissapeared

i was watching a streamer and he helped me farm op levels and i got to op 3 and stopped because i had to leave so i saved and quit. the next day i came back and my stuff was still there and i went to go farm a dpuh and saved and quit when i got one. so i came back the next day and found i had no op levels but my stuff was still there. i looked it up and i have beaten the main campaign on uvhm and no i did not glitch my bad ass ranks or op level. please help

Fire up your game, hit the “select character” button at the main game menu, and re-select the character you used to go to OP3. After selecting UVHM, do you get a second message about choosing an OP level?

were you able to use the Gear? if so, you are still at OP 3.
OP levels just mean that you are able to use the stronger OP Level (1 thru 8) Guns/Gear, but your toon technically stays at Level 72.
Do as @VaultHunter101 suggests above, if the second screen comes up your good.

i tried already it wont work

and no i cant use the gear at all

I would suggest going to Digistruct Peak and seeing what happens when you accept the mission from Tannis.

When you ran the OP levels originally, was it in your game (ie you the host) or the other persons?

probably a stupid question because you say you farmed later, but here goes,

You was Level 72 when he ran you through DigiPeak to OP 3 correct?
if not then it won’t count toward OP Levels

if it was your game,
Did you save and quit to reset OP Levels Each Time?

i was 72 and it doesnt even have the option to change op levels right now but before it did

In that case, all I can think of is that your main save file got corrupted when you quit the list time you had OP levels, and the game restored from the backup save which was still stuck at level 72.

You could try running the peak again, just to see if anything gets restored or you get a “skip stuff you’ve already played” message.

Also worth noting: the backup save file often falls out of sync with the main save. I’ve found that loading your character into eg TVHM, launching then save-quitting forces an update. I believe switching characters may also do this, but I haven’t checked that yet.