My Op8 Axton can't use his gear

When I booted up BL2 after the FfS update, all of the gear on my Op8 Axton became Lvl 80, and there’s no way for me to adjust the Op levels or anything to try and get access. He’s completely useless now, and we all know that using white weapons in UVHM is like destroying a car with a twig. How can this be fixed?

You should still be able to use level 80 gear on your level 72 Axton because you still retain OP level. You just need to get to level 80 to access the OP levels and to farm for the new OP gear.

Tried that already. It says the gear is Lvl 80, and there’s nothing about OP levels on any of my gear.

Get to level 80 (obviously), and you’ll be able to use your gear. Once you’re level 80 you’ll be able to adjust your OP level again at which point you’ll be able to farm gear, and unlock the two new OP levels.

@Kick_Smass is correct. The old OP levels became the level 73-80 and the new OP levels are levels 81-90. And just like before, you need to be at max level to access the new OP levels.


In addition to what @TempNight posted, once you are at level 80 you’ll still have your OP1-8 unlocks, so you’ll just have OP9-10 left to go if you want to hit the cap.