My OP8 gear glitched

Any reason all my OP 8 gear that I spent many hours farming became OP6 gear?..

OP8 gear would be wayyy too powerful for the new dlc

come on now

That’s not the point, will my gear become OP8 once I hit lvl 80? Again I spent so much time getting this stuff.

Have you gained levels? The OP8 gear is equal to level 80, the new cap. So if you hit level 74 it would now be OP6 because it’s only 6 levels over you. This has been reported in other threads talking about the changes the new DLC made to the level/OP system.


Ahhh ok this makes sense! Yea my gaige is lvl 74 now

This thread has more info.

Short version :

  • your OP8 character will now start to level from 72 to 80 as you gain new XP
  • as you gain levels, your OP8 weapons’ output will increase in damage up to the cap : level 80
  • at 80 you can now select OP level but the NEW OP8 is actually level 88
  • so all your gear is now underlevelled
  • refarm new gear so you can run the Peak to unlock OP9 and OP10
  • refarm AGAIN for OP10 (level 90) gear
  • curse profusely

I swapped out that last one for “sobbing inconsolably”


Or dont refarm and just be a casual level 80 player.

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That’s pretty much the deal.
I’ve just deleted all but two of each character (well only one Gaige).

The OP8 six will all get to OP10 for co-op.
The 72 characters will hit 80 - and will be my daily drivers.

I’ll survive. I have PC power and I’m not ashamed to use it.


Your will is greater than mine.
I got my siren up to 75 doing the dlc, now I just need to get one last achievement to have my 100% back and then I’m done with this franchise until September.


Eh. No way am I grinding out op10 stuff lol, I’ll stick to level 80.

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Just play borderlands 2 like the OP levels dont exist once at level 80. Boom no more refarming