My Operative Build

I need some thoughts on my Operative I’m planning to go with. It was not easy as there not a guide for him yet but I decided to go with the whole speed thing as there are a lot of skills that make him move faster and he gets more damages from being so fast. The only skill I’m not sure is the duck tape mod as I find it hard to shoot my grenades at enemies as I’m moving a lot to get my damage. for my guns. I don’t see any skills in the green tree that interested me other to keep me buff and if there are any skills you think I should move into them so I can use the barrier. For guns, I’m thinking of use guns that are accuracy when shooting at the hip and steady for moving, such as Hyperion, Dahl and especially Atlas with its home targeting shoots. Feel free to look at my build and tell me what you think.

My Zane is only 43 should be 50 this weekend so will help best I can.
I will help you spec out of what you don’t really need.

Quick Breather and Old-U do not work. Spec out of it for now.
Salvation heals fine at 3/5.
Keep an eye on your clone and note when it dies. Borrowed Time may be too many points and clone dies before ASE. Check it out and if he does, spec points out of it.

I will not tell you where to put the extra points, but would recommend Ready for Action to keep your shield up time.