My opinion of the game

Let me start by saying this is not complaining just simply sharing what I feel about the game so far. My intention is to help the company, not the players, better understand what some people might think about the game… Hope it helps.

Lets start with the campaign. I really enjoy the campaign, solo and co-op seems pretty balanced and sufficiently difficult. If your team understands how to build a team with complimenting characters and actually use team work, then it is quite enjoyable. My only issue is with matchmaking itself. I realize the campaign does not necessarily have to be played in a particular order, but that was something I wanted to do. I think there should be a better way to request what mission you want before matches are made that way this is possible.

Now on to PvP… This is a very different type of game than I typically play so I may just not enjoy this type of gameplay, but I will explain why anyways. I feel like the game is very unbalanced. Maybe I’m just terrible, but I feel that if you are playing a ranged character 9 time out of 10 you will loose. I blame this on the very very long time to kill in this game. I have never seen a game with such a long TTK. It makes sense to me that if a melee character gets close they should have the advantage, but what I don’t see in this game is ranged characters having any benefit from distance. Here’s an example of what happened to me yesterday. I was playing as Oscar Mike in a capture game. The opposing team were basically all melee characters. I would get in range and start attacking from invis, the opposing character, regardless of who they were had all the time in the world to find me and close the gap, often times I would barely get their health down to half before I was wiped out. Here is what I think would help balence things out a bit. It would make sense to me that TTK be balanced so that ranged characters, if they get the drop in a melee character, should have more than enough capability to kill a melee character before the melee character can close the gap. Alternatively, if the melee character gets the drop on a ranged character, then again it should be no contest, melee wins. I also think overall the TTK needs to be decreased, this is just a personal opinion, I can understand if it’s left where it’s at, just saying it’s LONG.

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Well, it’s a competetive team shooter and Oscar Mike is designed that way. If you had damage you could just drop a melee and push invis button and disapear right? So his damage was toned down. Think of him as a disruption tool, lets say enemy team does something fishy and you get there spot them deal some damage and disappear. Repeat to make them mad and make them chasing you or disrupting what they were doing there. Same as tracer in Owerwatch for example.

Iteresting advice, see I’m just not use to this type of game. It will take some learning for me. I’m use to being able to basically play solo and dominate in team deathmatch style gameplay. I’ll just have to change my mindset, instead of kill kill kill I’ll have to focus on team play and objective, which will be very different for me.

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Yeah its team-based shooter/MOBA after all

This game is a MOBA first and a FPS second. Early game you need to focus on out leveling your enemy (killing NPCs/collecting crystals/building structures) instead of trying to kill enemy battleborn. If you can secure a kill early thats icing. When you change your game plan like so you will general find a lot more success.

I think calling the single player a “campaign” was misleading. It just PvE maps, with a very rough story plot that does not really string along to make an overall story what you would expect a campaign to do. My complaint is that some of the missions are really hard to do with a pick up team, to the point were it is better to do it solo. Also there are a lot of glitches, especially on the last mission hemoplage or whatever its called. Three random bosses with different game mechanics thrown on floating platforms causes mechanics the bosses have to not work right all the time.

The benefit of range characters is that they can join into team fights with very little risk. Send a melee character into tank and shoot from safety and yet you still do damage. It’s super effective. Try to solo a melee character in the opponent with no turrets or support…well you should die if you do not run. Beside Oscar Mikes skills are made for harassing until he can clench the kills in team fights or people who over extend.