My Opinion of the Quality/Content of the Recent Batteplans

Last time I gave my opinion about the devs and how they shared the plans for this game’s future, I was almost banned from these forums by the moderators. But I promise, this time I’ll behave so calm down and hold off on that ban hammer.

So, the last battleplan didn’t have much in it. That much is a fact and a lot of people were/are upset about it. We were told almost nothing and the comments started to turn somewhat toxic towards the devs. I however, am actually pretty happy with the information that has been shared. Not in that battleplan but the ones prior to it. In battleplan 45, @Jythri discussed and answered several questions from the community.

These statements are good enough to keep me perfectly satisfied for the rest of the month. Hell, I’m surprised more people aren’t still riding the high from it. Jythri confirmed that Gali’s CC will get toned down next update and that Boldur is doing more damage than he should be doing. In my eyes I read that as, “We are not only adjusting the two strongest characters in the game, we are actually looking into the problems that the community agrees makes them insanely strong”. And on top of all that we get mentions towards Pillarstorm and several characters that are on the priority list for the next update.

I have been very critical of the devs in the past, but I consider myself to always be fair with them. If they deserve criticism, I’ll let them know. But as it stands, I’m happier with the devs right now than I have been in months. The major changes that need to happen can’t be done in a minor hot fix. Those are for fixing certain, minor bugs and numerical outliers in terms of balance, like Beatrix having way too much health for the type of character she is. Reducing the effectiveness of her silence, which is one of her core issues, is something that can’t be easily changed and would have to be done in a major update (which, by the way, is something else that has been mentioned is getting looked into)

So, with those statements in mind, I went into battleplan 46 and I’m thinking, “Not expecting much but I’m perfectly fine with that because I’m still riding the high from last week. So long as the lore is there… F#&%, no lore. Oh well, still happy about last week” and then I read the comments section and I’m kinda disappointed. Did everyone forget Jythri’s statements last week? Is the average person’s attention span really that short that they forget what is probably the best news Battleborn has gotten for it’s balance in months in just one short week? Come on people.

Even if the battleplan is lacking, there are at least 3 devs (Maybe 4 with @MereAtGBX now?) that are prone to lurking and commenting on the battleplan. If something wasn’t discussed in the battleplan, it has a somewhat decent chance of being answered in the comments of the battleplan. Half the information of a battleplan is in the comments after it’s been made.

So overall, I’m actually happy with the battleplans right now. My expectations of the next battleplan is fairly low. I don’t think there will be any updates on balance changes, there’s only so much information that they can actually safely give out and Jythri dropped a lot 2 weeks ago. I’m expecting a quick update on the queues, whether there are changes or not this is important as it lets me know how I’m spending my free time for the week and for better or worse I’m glad they tell us this information. We probably will get some more of that sweet lore and some stuff about the community. Maybe a Mellka hotfix, maybe. Then the comments will go like this: we’ll get an even share of comments hating and liking the battleplan. Jythri will come in and try to calm down the nay sayers. @dante_d_silva will be on stand by for lore questions and inserting dank memes when needed. @JoeKGBX will lurk, keyboard at the ready if that carcass of reality needs to be slammed down on our fun or if there’s an opportunity for a good pun/one liner. Then after all the initial chaos/anger/joy/excitement wears off, @lowlines will wake up in Australia with a rather positive post dissecting the lore, general content of the plan and it’s comments so far. Then, finally the battleplan will drift off into some random off topic subject for a week or two, maybe about lore, maybe about music, maybe about various forum users sexual orientations (it’s happened before).

And if I get that, I’ll be fine. Anything more and I’ll be great.


You forgot the part where i come in and derail the Battleplan as Toby- I-I mean, as myself… Sorry…
-But i otherwise agree!

Keep it up, devs; you’re doing great!


Hahaha! :joy:

So now I’m a part of the weekly Battleplan ritual? XD


Sometimes I stay up for the Battleplan, but lately I’ve just been too tired or preoccupied with other things.


Always, it is a consistency and it has become expected of you. Keep it up and Gearbox might start paying you in Gearbucks*.

*(No monetary value, can not be returned, collect 10,000 Gearbucks and redeem it in person at Gearbox Headquarters for a high five from Jythri and a cool hat, you will then be asked to leave the facility, failure to comply may result in bodily harm. By reading this comment you are agreeing that Gearbox is not responsible for any and all injuries acquired by attempting to redeem Gearbucks)


Isn’t that like 3 am for you guys in Australia? How can you stay up that late, it’s not healthy for you guys. looks at clock Huh, it’s almost 4 am right now.


What are you talking about?

I got you covered fam.


I need an adult…

Movie; preferably Finisci Chicks Gone Wild: Volume VIII. There’s this scene where this ONE chick takes off her hat and… Oh, MAN, is it hot!

What? Well, of COURSE they’re not wearing any clothes; they’re FINISCI!


(I’ll stop now… :smirk:. Goodnight!)


Feel like the Battleplan tomorrow will have psychology.

The minions are at the Castle gate with torches.
Inside there’s brilliant audacity coupled with shock as twisted eyes look over the Castle walls.
The proper words are needed, something to quench the fires.

In every human endeavor, there comes a time to “put up or shut up.”


thanks alot for writing downall that stuff I was thinking too and were to lazy to type it!
especially the part with the “attention span” of some people here…



I’m always very supportive of the devs, and I know the next big patch will be a great one once we get there!

Just the lack of information in the past few battleplans has been a little bit meh, people quite simply want to know stuff. All the stuff Jythri said in the comments could have been in the battleplan, under a “things we’re looking at” title. We just wanna know what kinda stuff they’ve been thinking of. The Orendi nerf was a strange one, as nobody ever said anything about it needing a nerf, they could have explained why they did it in the battleplan as opposed to explaining it in the comments.

As much as the past months have been pretty empty, I still look forward to good things in the future of Battleborn.


the dev saying that there going to be mod tools maybe is cool

but no Beatrix nerf mixed with an Orendi nerf sucks!, then everyone will start to play the most annoying cancerous character in the game

Oh dear…what have I created!!? :scream:

For me it’s 3am, for the East Coast it’s closer to 4:00-4:30am. You gotta remember I’m one of those programmer types who are prone to stay up late…to read the Battleplan lores (provided @dante_d_silva actually posts them) :sunglasses:


And the last time a dev spoke something about an upcoming patch, it was ‘Mellka is going to be super venom focused harasser.’

Then, Mellka got the huge nerf we all know and love.
Shes gotten better now, but the Devs have a wonderfull streak of saying
’We got you covered! Go watch ______ Event/ Read next battleplan for more info!’ Then having nothing to answer the original want.

However, Jythri’s postes are great, as he said the update will be Soon ™, and all the notes on balencing are unchangable in hotfixs.
I really am hopefull for this patch. Its Reminiscent of the WU in my oppinion, but w/out the posibility of making Mellka any worse.

Speaking of, @Jythri, Will Mellka be seeing any helix changes in this patch? I feel it would be wonderfull to have variety in her tree, and there are a LOT of underwhelming helixes on her tree currently.


BUT… Why isnt this information in the the battleplan not in all the replies? That the problem with it, yes it seems like they are addressing what you are a few others are saying but it is not being published in the main post. Things were are looking at needs to happen…

edit: thanks for compiling this information. does change my mind just a little bit


Because he’s obviously off writing up a storm for the next Battleplan lore! :wink:

I respect that you’re looking on the bright side, @blainebrossart1

Do you honestly think that the state of the game is good enough to survive upon "SOON!"s that have been "SOON!"ed 3-4+ months before the content is to come?

Some issues that have been "SOON!"ed have been "SOON!"ed for over half a year if not more. You think the changes to Galilea were "SOON!"ed in recent months? Nope. I remember Gali’s “fix” being "SOON!"ed around late summer/early Autumn of last year. Boldur to some degree as well has been hinted at being reworked from last year…and let me not mention Mellka.

The issue is not that they haven’t “communicated” that changes/fixes are coming; is how lax they’ve been with getting those changes implemented. Sure they can say all they want a Stark mantra of “Patch is Coming”, but what good is that if in the meantime the game is hemorrhaging players to the point where you can barely feel a pulse? Sure some will hold on to those "SOON!"s for dear life, but most won’t. Sure some of those who leave will come back when the promised day arrives, but most probably won’t.

Optimism and good intent alone can’t bring about good outcomes. Battleborn required a swift and pro-active hand to help push it out of the grave, and that wasn’t the case.

Notice I only mentioned balance issues, but that’s just 1 of many things that is wrong.

Now, let’s say that for whatever reason it takes 5+ months to release a patch to fix busted af characters and gameplay bugs/w.e.

What’s stopping them from releasing content to at least show even a damn glimmer of work being done to the game; work that reinforces the idea of “We’re still here! We’re still supporting Battleborn!”

Where are the SHIFT codes for random rare/epic/commander/legendary Lootpacks?

Where are the SHIFT codes for Cyber/Golden/Champion Skins for characters that don’t have them?

After the WU we have had almost a complete stop on Double Exp, Double Credits, and Lootpocalypse events.

Shortly after the WU we’ve gotten almost a complete stop in actual Marketplace Updates of Skins and Taunts!

Am I to believe that EVERYONE at GBX’s BB team is working SOLELY on the next “SOON!” Patch? That they don’t deem it important to release new content now and then while the big “SOON” patch arrives? Especially considering how they don’t even know how “SOON” the “SOON” Patch will be ready to be presented to the remaining members of the Battleborn Community?

I was optimistic for as long as I could, but even I have a limit to the amount of abuse I can take. I’ve always been into a light-level of masochism…but this is kinda reaching ridiculous levels.

//endrant for now


…Big smile, obviously that is a display of how much sleep you get writing for this lore and um, BL3. :wink:

Well i find this funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Game updates and content takes 6+ months, is a proces not just a magical beast summoned in 6 seconds. Dont forget sony and microsoft proces for updates screwed WU.

Galilea have been nerfed over and over and buffed too, honestly she is not that op in 80% of players hands, boldur got a helix rework… To bad it didnt work as expected, his slow lvling from 1-5 to make him viable all lvls.

The best this game can do is fix big bugs and a big promo to remind it is here, it cant bring 1 player at time, they wont find a match in pc. It just need something to make ppl reinstall the game and come back.

New content takes a lot of time, money, resources, ppl and paperwork. Do not expect any teaser untill they have something coming.

Shift codes, free lootpacks; if you noticed all the awfull feedback they got from those… Ppl only wanted purple and legendary packs, anything else got negativity. I can’t balme gbx for stop that.

Iirc those skins are event only, they dont want to give them away without a reason.

The x2 exp, credits and drop was an event to get players back and join the fun but what it did was increase the gap btw old and new players.

I also want new stuff in marketplace. But i have other games to play while i wait, is not like bb is the only game i have.

Gbx is working on many things… Not just bb, they need to split ppl into work dif stuff at the same time, so yeah like i said before, stuff takes time to be made.

Be realistic, stuff takes time to be created an money, if you enjoy bb you will play just because you like it. There are many games out there and you can play while waiting or do like i do, do something else in odd hrs and play bb in peak hrs.


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This isn’t optimism. This is realism that borders pessimism. I expect the bare minimum and am not disappointed with it. If this was the post of an optimist it would say something like, “Don’t worry guys, the next battleplan will kick all kinds of ass and fix some major problems.” And I’d be an idiot to think that.

Like I said, I’ll give criticism where it’s due. There are many issues that have been around too long, this Galilea rework being one of the biggest. And the fact that it has finally been confirmed to be coming is f*cking amazing. It took way longer than it should but it’s coming. I’ll take what I can get.

On the market place, I did a quick check and there have been over 150 skins and taunts brought into the game for purchase, not counting any skins or taunts brought in from the ops. That’s an average of three per week since the games release. Give the guys designing these some breathing room because that’s a lot of cosmetics.

Obviously they are waiting on the Deande skins because they decided to rename them after @Nemosis327 for his obsess- I mean passion with Deande. As for the rest it’s like Dante said, they are for special events. Can’t just give them away for no reason.