My other Battleborn account is now Advanced?

Haven’t logged into the first account in a bit and now my main screen has this?
Any idea why?



I think that comes with the season pass, all I know is I got it after buying the pass. Could just be a coincidence, though.

I got it as well, would be nice to know what it is.

I’ll have to see if my other accounts have changed too. Last time I checked they were still the standard edition. =P

It showed up for me when the Winter Update went through. It’s been like that for weeks now. I assumed anyone without the Digital Deluxe Edition got it.


Yupp, have the same title showing since the WinterUpdate, although I´ve not the DD-Edition.

I thought it´s just their way to show BB is now the “badass improved version”. Also thought the title appears like this for everyone… I´m confused >.<

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Curious. I wonder what these editions mean.

I found another:

If they’ve been there since the WU, and a lot of people have them, then they probably don’t have much significance.

  1. Well, I got Ultimate Badass Edition right now, and I own vanilla Battleborn, so I guess that’s what the most basic edition is called now.
  2. And yes, it’s been that way since Winter Update, prior I had no subtitle at all.
  3. Pure speculation: since standard edition was like “upgraded” during Winter Update, other non-standard editions’ titles were apparently “upgraded” as well.
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Ahh. So SP owners have the “Advanced” title? That would make sense.

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seems like it

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Thanks…My Digital Deluxe account doesn’t have that, my other account was a pre-order that I later added Season Pass.

I think they are changing up the Edition names a little in advance of whatever new ‘free demo/ftp/whatever’ strategy is coming up. Most likely there will be a more ‘basic/trial’ edition, we all have the nice ones as paying customers.


Based on the BL2 loot article list of enemy types, the free trial version would be the “Chump Edition”. Somehow, I don’t think GBX is going to call it that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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…Crackin up :smile:

Just logged back into my Wisecarver account, the pre-paid one, and a few friends I made in Battleborn chatted.
They actually hate Gearbox now. Those of us who are still fans, I salute you guys. :fist:

I don’t understand that attitude. I mean ok, so you don’t like the game/didn’t enjoy the experience. But hating a company on that basis? Seems a bit immature. Then again, I am an old fart… :older_man:

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…I agree, my Fan base is for Valve and Gearbox :wink: