My Overall Experience, Rambled

Greetings, fellow Vault Thieves! Welcone to a sadly over-thorough summation of my Borderlands 3 experience. This will be a nearly senile reminiscing of my days of playthrough, pre-faced by a short analysis of my previous Borderlands experience. Like, comment, subscribe, OBEY, but most importantly, STRIKE A POSE.

I used to play Borderlands 1 heavily upon its release, figuring that i enjoyed Diablo 2 and Call of Duty (4, MW2, World at War, and the original Black Ops) very much and this game seemed to sire an illegitimate child out of the pairing of those. Many drunken hours were passed playing LAN with 2 of my friends at my apartment, and occasionally allowing an random d!€Kh3d from online to join. Always fun, so long as I played with friends. The only DLC i played and completed for this gsme General Knoxx. I loved the off-beat oft times raunchy humor of the game, its cell-shaded artstyle, the gunplay and the collecting. Ahh, hazy memories of alcoholicism and the original Borderlands. I mained Lillith and never really played the other characters.

Borderlands 2… I came extremely late to this amazing party of a game. This was many years later, in fact around Christmas of 2018. I bought the Handsome Collection and fell in love with this game, though i found farming meta-Legendaries a tediois task, and replaying Captain Scarlett every couple of OP levels a downright onerous task. This game I soloed, because the only couple of times I allowed players to join my game, they Ninja-looted and spammed Duel challenging me. In a large part thanks to this community that I discovered as my interest in this game grew, I was able to complete most of this game’s content alone, except for most of the raid bosses (Pyro Pete and Haderax being the glitchy exceptions). Amazing game overall and I know I will go back eventually and attempt to obtain a Platinum trophy. I mained Maya, although initially I played Gaige until i got to UVHM and realized my Death Trap reliant play style would be obsolete, but yes I did tend to be a Siren junkie.

The Pre-Sequel, i played Nisha until i nearly had completed TVHM. It was a solid game, not as good to me in most ways as the precious two, but I did enjoy more Jack interaction more than anything. Nisha was my only toon, no Siren to play so i went for the cowboy-chick.

Yes I am thoroughly versed in this game series overall, so I speak as a fan of the franchise since its creation. Borderlands 3 in its current, nerf-crazy, glitchy iteration is my nearly daily guilty pleasure. It’s an amazing game over all, from my perspective. I have played it all alone, due to the fact PS Plus seems hard to justify for a game that I hated playing the predecessor with in multiplayer. Tjis may change if a compelling Raid is soon offered. The gunplay and movement mechanics are a major upgrade from previous titles, my only real complaint therein lying in the fact that the Slam mechanic is largely useless given the game’s nature. Seriously, the guns are amazing to my arthritis-ravaged hands.

Alot of the angst from players seems to stem from the constant nerf being imposed on various guns and to a lesser extent the characters, but for me I never got many of the meta-guns that people in these forums, Reddit, etc seem to constantly wail and gnash their teeth over, so I tend not to care as much about the tinkering with various Legendary guns. As a player who initially used FLAK as his first character, I can say that I was not pleased with his treatement, although i didn’t have the chance to use GiTM pre original nerf so i never got to experience the ridiculous nature of that exploit-ish seeming mechanic. Still FLAK wad by far the most hyped of the 4 vault hunters teased for many months before the game’s release, so I suppose it was inevitable he would receive major backlash from GBX.

One thing most of the community wasn’t prepared for it, it seems, was the close monitoring of overall stats from player’s builds to most frequently used guns. Many sesm dismayed and listless as their hard-grinded loot is nerfed one way or another, but I think most people who do that fail to actually attempt more than the most cursory of play testing before they are on here or elsewhere whining repetitiously. The all-world drops initial designation of Legendary loot would understandably upset folks who have acquired cerain pieces of gear after uncountable attempts is understandable but those amongst us who enjoy the game and frequent the forums to exchange useful information are fed up with your endless complaints, in mosf ways. The player character tweaks to me are far more toxic generally, but that’s mostly due to the poor testing of the toons pre-release, I think. The fact that I play alone may have much to do with my perception, but after spending countless hours getting your character to level 50, major changes to any of the more popular skill trees is a huge irritation to all of us. This references nerfs mind you, it seems like Zane very desperately needs some major buffs or outright chamges to his exsistential skill tree to encourage more people to play him, or end game Zane to have a decent amouht of viable builds.

Speaking of which, I had initially planned to play Amara as a Siren fan-boy, but in the months leading up to BL3’s release it seemed that she would be based around melee. So I then decided my first main would be Zane, since he seemed to have an interesting play style as advertised pre release, and is Irish to boot, sharing a common factor with my ancestry. However, i was tardy to the party despite having pre ordered the Super Deluxe edition, due to being in the messy process of moving for over a week at the time. When I did pick up and begin to play I decided FLAK would be my first character, since forums, YouTube, and other sources indicated he would be the strongest DPS possible. I enjoyed my first playthrough with him very much, i died maybe once during all of the boss fights first plays. I began to think the game was a little too easy, and also that i was probably pretty damn good at the game (Lol, fail.) When I first began to encounter the difficulty increase of Mayhem mode i didn’t understand it, and had to turn to online sources to discern the cause. I used only Fade Away and Jabber pets this whole time, but GiTM wasnt very noticeable since i tended to use the ability defensively anyhow. Onve i hit level 50 and began to farm and attwmpt content on NVHM Mayhem 3 i rapidly began to become unhappy. I couldn’t hang 90 percent of the time on anything higher than Mayhem 1, couldn’t complete 1 round of Slaughterstar, and in general couldn’t adapt to other skill trees. I played through TVHM as swiftly as possible once i discovered to my vast chagrin that Mayhem wasn’t available on the 2nd playthru until after completing Chapter 23… That’s progression cyanide right there.

Enter playthru 2, Amara. Gosh i leveled up so stupidly. Every boss fight was an extreme and almost hair-rending challenge. Billy the Annointed probably took over 80 tries, even with going back to Sanctuary to respec and a few pieces of gear. Pain and Agony were nearly as tilting… See speccing basically only into the elemental tree (i have an OCD about obtaining my first capstone STAT) with my level of skill is inadvisable, ladies and jerks :grin: I didn’t begin to feel powerful with her at all until around level 35. But once i began to become powerful, it grew into exponential satisfaction. I play her glass-cannon style and its amazing fun, although TVHM was a total snoozer challenge wise until i reached Troy. Now attempting all side quests and will soon begin the Trials and etc on Mayhem 3, not sure how often my playstyle will get dumped on by the RNG of Mayhem yet. I tend to be pretty stubborn about attempting content without resetting the modifiers.

That was my general and probably entirely overwritten account of my experience in general on 4 playthrus with two out of the 4 Vault Hunters, and i find myself eager to test my skill on AMARA at the content i faltered at with FLAK. I still have only acquired a small amount of the Legendaries so many are flaming about the nerfs to, (lol i just got a radiation hex yesterday upon beating the Warden in my playthru of TVHM on Amara) so to me the item nerfs aren’t much of a factor, and will likelt fade into history without so much as a hiccup as the game continues to release content. I also didn’t experience any of the game breaking crashes or glitches so many experienced annecdotaly either, but the constant menu lag was trying to my patience. Maybe the fact i played only solo was beneficial as in keeping many of the annoying bugs from ever touching me.

Storyline wise, this was a mixed bag for me, and playing through it 4 times now has galvanized my takeaway from it up to this point. It’s no surprise that as a Siren main, I utterly detest the fact that my original two mains are to all appearances dead, though as we find out, Sirens can imbue objects with their memories. We saw Maya, arguably the more likeable of the two previously playable Sirens, disintegrated before our eyes in one of the many cutscenes we are maddeningly absent from. I’ve a feeling that Ava’s further development will at least have some interaction with Maya down the road in DLC, and Milfith isn’t necessarily dead just because she’s physically gone… So, killing Maya off was definitely an unhappy and for now empty plot twist.
The Calypsos were unimpressive villains my first couple of play thrus, but i grew to love hating them as much as i hate the majority of social media narcissists… I even began to empathize with them a little, at least who they were before the COV stuff began. I liked Typhon. He is a gross old guy who in some ways reminds me of myself. The beloved Tannis was kind of an annoying ×#*= in BL3 for the most part but she has some redeeming moments. I particularly enjoyed Wainwright more than any of the new characters per se, which given my religious and homophobic upbringing may come as a surprise to some. And finally, BALEX was quite obnoxious and an unwanted infusion of DA HOOD via Ice-T’s decidedly un-HOOD failure of a real talent for voice acting or music.

Phew that’s it for now. Feel free to roast my rambling as i was just looking to pass time at work tonight and create a topic with no real value or contribution sans the whining that has become all too frequent. Ciao for now Vault Hunters