My Overall Impression of the Winter Update

In the weekend of winter update, I played about 35-40 hours and I want to share my general thoughts.

  1. I am a PS4 player and OMG the 60 FPS is game changing. The game feels amazing and my shooting has gotten markedly better.
  2. Love the new interface, looks very clean and the new animation looks good.
  3. The champion skins look awesome, can’t wait to get the ones for the 5 DLC characters
  4. I love the new core packs. Mainly, I used to have to decide what faction to buy and then be sad when I don’t get a new skin or taunt, and now I only have one choice. Thanks, I am now getting a lot more taunts and skins, mainly because I never would buy UPR or LLC packs.
  5. Oscar Mike vs The Battle School is great. It really reminds me of the battle arenas from Borderlands 2. I love the length, it takes about the same amount of time a PvP match. I love that you go rid of the scavenger hunt aspect and now it was just a puzzle to get those ops points. In the other ops, I always was able to get the challenges, but finding the ops points was the hard part, now it’s the other way around, so thanks.
  6. Beatrix. Where to start. I really like her role in the game. I also love her taunts and her skins in general. I have yet to play her and have no desire to at the time, but I think she has a bit too much health and the silence is annoying. I am not calling for a nerf on the silence, but I don’t understand why she has more health than the other Jennerit. I think she should be more in line with Ambra or Marquis.
  7. I do love the quests. I have done 19 or 20 in my main quests and as of Monday, I need to play 3 more meltdown matches and I will have completed all of my 3 daily quests. Needless to say, I really enjoy this aspect. I would improve them by two ways. First, for the daily quests, have them appear earlier, I get mine around 8 pm, you should do it closer to 3 pm based on system time. As for main quests, once you complete all your quests, you should be able to choose a PvP centric one or a PvE centric one.
  8. I hate chaos rumble, so I don’t like this mode and hope it never comes back.
  9. I don’t like the new character select screen. I feel like there should be a way to lock in your choice, then go to loadout, skin, and taunt selection like it used to.
  10. I love draft mode.
  11. I hate the new meltdown. I think it’s way too short and I no matter how I think about it, I can’t imagine the losing team being able to kill both minions when the winning team only has to protect one. If you want to make this work, have the losing team get the minions and the winning team has to destroy them. If the losing team scores, then each team gets minions and then goes to sudden death.
  12. I like the new tie-break, it means you have to have a balanced team to not just surrender the healing stats.
  13. Finally, I see how gbx is trying to help new people get better acclimated to the game, still not sure if people are going to want to play in the dojo or the tutorial. Is the tutorial mandatory before you jump into PvP?

So thank you gearbox for the major update.

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Yes! It has a distinct underdome feel that I love. We just need that rock’n underdome soundtrack.

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Still, something is off on Oscar Mike vs The Battle School. It’s the boss. Don’t get me wrong I love him, but when does this take place? If this is a simulation like they are supposed to be, then how is he here? Should he be here way after the sim took place?

Champion skins are those pitch black skins right

which boss? I’ve seen two different bosses at the end so far. a katana wielding spider-mech, and Dark Wolf.

Dark Wolf

Gonna piggy back off this thread: has entering SHIFT codes changed with the winter update? Yesterday I tried, but it would kick me back to the main menu as soon as I hit Submit.

One thing they should’ve put in the Oscar Mike dlc are jump pads cause having 4-5 ronin bots come after you sucks.


So, there are 3 different bosses, the huntsman from the prolog, dark wolf from voids edge, and arachnis from the algorithm. The simulation is taking place after the event at heliophage. I am assuming since everything is clustered around solus, the actions of the battleborn are not unknown. It would make sense that the Mike’s “knew” about big bad guys OM would have fought. It is gearbox logic after all.

Yea, black with a tinge of orange.

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#12. The shortest and best description of why the new tie breaker is cool. I never looked at it that way. Thanks for the eye opener.

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you just press the button to switch to the other choices…

Also, yes. I can’t stand Chaos Mode. Nothing more fun than a team of 4 Galis on Face-off. Yeah guys, totally fair.

On a related note, have they changed the loot packs with the Winter Update, or was there an earlier update that it happened in that I missed? Because the only option available to me is to buy “Core Packs”, which I don’t want.

Yes. Core packs are now the only loot packs available in the marketplace. Random chance to get anything you would’ve gotten in the other loot packs.

I have to agree.
This update has been amazing, and I haven’t had problems getting a 5 person team together for some story mode.