My Own Personal Lootpocalypse

Finally made it to the final playthrough of the Thrall DLC where I started with 50 Ops points. I figured I’d run it with OM since I hadn’t played as him and wanted the Femme Fatale? achievement while also finally hitting 100. After a failed attempt to find all of the points and running out of time, I finally managed to make it and beat aria with all the Ops points possible.

Once I got to the score screen I had a ridiculous amount of things:

OM’s first DLC skin
OM’s second DLC skin
OM’s DLC taunt
the Femme Fatale? title
the Thrall of all Thralls title
a UPR commander pack (for beating it with OM)
and a UPR loot pack (for leveling up my OM)
plus a few purples and blues!

it was definitely fun to see the gear cycling through all the skins and titles I got


It is so good running through a new faction/character and getting 100 Ops and just watching all the rewards cycle out on the Mission Complete screen!

The Lootpocalypse feels :heart:

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