My partners Character lost OP

Hi there,

My partner and I have been playing Borderlands 2 together me as primary account Axton and her as Zero.

We have downloaded many DLC’s on my account and always played with me as first player. I downloaded digistruct peak and we cleared and unlocked OP1. We continued to play both on OP1 everything working fine.

Today I decided to load the game with her as first player (to see if I could do a bit of a cheat I had in mind) I saved and quit and loaded the game back up as normal with myself as primary character. For some reason though my girlfriends zero had lost OP status?? She couldnt us any OP1 guns.

We decided to try run digistruct peak again (though it was OP2 becuase of my character) and now she has unlocked OP1 again for her Zero while I am still OP2 on Axton?

Can anyone help with this? Is there any way we can get her to OP2?


Heyho! On which console do you play on?
We have subforums for Tech Support for different consoles, so I´d move your topic to the right section.

Hi I’m on Xbox 360 do I have to move it or will you? Sorry I have never used a forum before, no idea how this works


I´ll move the topic for you, no problem :heart:

At any case, you should try to reach out to GBX official support, maybe they can help you with your problem

Is it at all possible that your partner’s save had not properly exited when you finished OP1 the first time together? If for any reason they had ducked out before the completion, then their save would not have updated.

To get your partner to OP2, have her sign in and play as player one. Join after she’s started the peak run as player 2, then quit out just before the turn in. Hopefully, that will get her to OP2 while leaving you at OP2.

Also, make sure that the proper OP level for each character is selected when you load in. It’s safest to use the character select (Y) even if you only have one character, since this always pulls up the mode select dialogue.

but if she has not purchased the dlc (I bought it on my acc and she doesnt even have xbox live) can she still run digistruct peak? I am worried that loading the game with her as first player will reset her OP again then I would be stuck on OP2 and she would be lvl 72. I dont want to risk without knowing.

If it’s on the same 360, it should not be a problem as access to content is shared by all accounts on the same console. She’d need to buy the dlc herself if she ever wanted to move her saves to a second 360 (eg if you decided to run two 360s on separate screens connected to the same LAN).

Just makes sure that when she loads in first, she hits “Y” to select character as this will pull up the dialogue to select mode and OP level.

ok I’ll give it a go :slight_smile: thank you