My PC shuts off

When I start up the game theres no issues I can select my character and everything else in the main menu, but when I load in game I cant move 3cm with my PC just turning off right away, nothing is hot when I feel it and this issue caused me to lose 21 hours game play (still butt hurt about it) so I have no idea why this is happening P.S im not super PC tech savvy (edit)P.P.S This doesnt happen every time I play)

This happens to me every hour

Sounds to me like you computer is hitting the Thermal Shutoff. Meaning that it is over heating. Can you use Open hardware monitor and keep an eye on your system temps? anything above 80*C is bad news. computers will shut off around 90 to prevent Hardware failure.

Same thing happens to my pc. I’ve turned off all overlays which has reduced the number of reboots.
Also, if your save file gets corrupted due to a reboot, look for 1.sav.tmp in your save directory located at \My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames in documents folder. Delete or Cut/Paste 1.sav to another location and rename 1.sav.tmp to 1.sav
Same goes for profile.sav It contains your golden keys and in-game bank inventory.

Try what was suggested in this post

I didn’t need to limit my FPS for it to work either. I was crashing every hour, now since I’ve done it, no crashes at all.