My personal Battleborn character rankings

Based on what I know of all the characters this is my list of the Battleborn characters ranked in order of who I think my favorites will be, who I want to play the most based on their style (looks, voice, body type, color scheme, personality/character, et cetera) and they gameplay style. This isn’t to say that I dislike any of the characters or that I will not play any of the characters, but just that I love some more than others as they mesh more with my own personal style and my gameplay style. As well, this list will probably change over time as I learn more about the game and the characters and as I gain more hands on experience.

  1. Reyna
  2. Ambra
  3. Mellka
  4. Deande
  5. Galilea
  6. Orendi
  7. Thorn
  8. Shayne and Aurox
  9. Phoebe
  10. Kleese
  11. Benedict
  12. Toby
  13. Ghalt
  14. Oscar Mike
  15. Whiskey Foxtrot
  16. Rath
  17. Miko
  18. Marquis
  19. ISIC
  20. Attikus
  21. Kelvin
  22. Caldarius
  23. Montana
  24. Boldur
  25. El Dragón

I’m curious to see what people think of my rankings and how they will rank things themselves and how those rankings will change as they gain more experience with the game. Perhaps at a later date I may make a companion thread and rank the characters based on how much I hate playing against them in Versus. I could also separate this list into two lists as well. One for Story mode and one for Versus. I could even split the Story mode into solo and co-op if I wanted to. But for now I chose to just give some overall rankings.

  1. Shayne and Aurox
  2. Caldarius
  3. Whiskey Foxtrot/ Oscar Mike (I want to find out the differences first)
  4. Deande
  5. Attikus (I think he is bad, but I like underdogs😜)

For the rest I don’t really have a rating for them, but definitely trying everybody out!

Noticing a trend with the gender :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you seen Whiskey’s Let’s Play video? There are some trends he follows with OM (like picking between two scopes at level 3) but they tend to work differently and his abilities definitely stand out on their own. OM is surprisingly awesome for an assault rifle user, but I think Whiskey has supplanted him for me.

As for personal favourites:

  1. Caldarius/Benedict
  2. Papa Shotgun
  3. Whiskey Foxtrot (Oscar was here but Whiskey looks really fun, even if he doesn’t have napalm or air strikes)

The rest are difficult to put into order but Rath should be nice as a fast melee character (with three bloody swords to boot), Galilea looks pretty great, Oscar will still rank highly, I’ll probably enjoy Deande as another assassin (with a fun looking idea for a build, been reading up on talents), Boldur and El Dragón are definitely worth a try and Kleese is a “support” I’m actually interested in giving a go.

Well here we go

1.Shayne and Aurox

Those are chars i will try out i LOVE tanks even more i like summoner and Shayne is the closest we got and like support soo tho i dont like melle Shayne is my 1

Haha I have seen the let’s play of Whiskey, but want to feel the difference in the beta/full game, for me it depends on the one who plays better than the other one, you couldn’t choose between Caldarius and Benedict? :wink:

Nah, Cal’s my first favourite and he stubbornly sticks to the top spot, but Benedict quickly became something awesome and it’s hard to call him second best, so they get to share.

Yeah, that’s my only issue with Whiskey/Oscar. Whiskey has the burst rifle and I want to like him more, but I’ll miss the Napalm and Air Strike for sure :smile: will come down to playing them

On which platform are you playing? Yes playing looks like the best option to me.

I’ll be playing on both PS4 and PC.

PC here

Aaaah, PS4 just makes me think of the beta. PS4 still getting it earlier?

I haven’t heard anything to say otherwise.

Xbox and PS4 here😊

Damn, well hope you enjoy it :smile:

Yeah thanks mate same for you man! would like to play with you!

Toby, Attikus, El Dragon !