My personal "no shot fired" challenge

I made myself a challenge to kill every boss in the game (well where its possible) without any shots fired just by using melee Athena.
So EOS is not killable by me because i cant reach him =)

First one was Iwajira at 70 UVHM
This thing is huge but has a hitbox smaller than a penny…

Nice luneshine Moxxi Probe you got there. Who drops that?! Can you get it from the grinder??? Where’s the matching luneshine Rosie?

Probably the same place as that Level 500 Luneshine Lady Fist someone on Xbox live dropped for me.

Wonder how long this thread will stay open.

Blah Blah…as i don not use it to shoot it doesnt matter if its Gibbed or not. I like the luneshine look thats all.
Yes I said it, but as you can see in the video none of the base stats are altered, its the normal missionitem with luneshine skin.

And yes close it.
All complain about gibbed but almost 90% of players use it. hypocritical