My Personal Opinion (Feedback, Recommendations & Observation)

I must say I have enjoyed the open beta thoroughly and I’m looking so much forward to the full release just before my birthday. Wow, what a birthday present that will be! Anyway, I just would just like to give my personal opinion about the open beta, my personal feedback, recommendations and observation playing it on the PS4.

  1. I would love to see continuous matchmaking. It’s a bit annoying at the end of a game to rejoin another matchmaking. The matchmaking takes a while at the moment and also sometimes you like playing with some randoms so you want to stay in that group.

  2. I just think the mini map can be more refined. It‘s not a easy tool to use at the moment.

  3. The X button, while navigating the in game menus, is extremely sensitive. Often when you go through your friends list within the game, you will accidently spam them with invites or they will accidently spam you with invites. It also happened to me while selecting “private versus match” it also selected the map at the same time. (I will post this also under “Bugs”)

  4. Sometimes you weapon will just disappear and will only appear when you die and respawn. (I will post this also under “Bugs”)

  5. I want to see that players playing the objectives, supporting their team and build buildables getting more score and maybe more/faster XP (to be able to get to level 10 faster without being concerned about killing enemy players). You will find yourself at the bottom of the scoreboard even if you destroy enemy minions, escorting your own minions, healing and providing over shields for your allies etc. The players usually at the top of the score are the players with the most player kills. I don’t have a problem with that as long as the player was helping his team. But often you find that the player with the highest individual score (usually the player with the highest player kills) is in the losing team, not caring about helping his team but caring about that most important stat, the so called KD ratio (just being sarcastic lol). Supporting your team with healing and over shields etc (and thereby not concerned by killing enemy players), should be much more rewarding.

  6. When people quit or drop connection, another player should be able to join within a certain time or at the least a bot. So many matches were decided only by the fact that a team had less players then the other team (especially towards the end of the open beta). I like the fact that you have a change to get back into the match but often players simply do not return and often it is not just one player. Maybe replace the player with a bot and when he rejoins, he replaces the bot. I still prefer that a new player joins rather than a bot.

  7. Private versus matches needs XP!!! If private story missions can have XP (speaking under correction), then why not private versus matches? This is where people can actually practise but also just have some fun without joining a public versus match. I often used private versus matches to practise a certain Battleborn but because I didn’t got any XP it was almost a waste of time and I fell behind in progressing in the game. It can be at a reduced XP rate but it should be there none the less. A example (maybe not a good one but still an example none the less) is Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

  8. I see many people are asking for a third person view but I think this should be only a FPS Hero Shooter. I love fps games and this is one of the reasons I am looking forward to this game. Third person view will have an unfair advantage and I’m sorry but saying it will be an option for everyone simply does not cut it. Playing with melee heroes I can understand the request but I’m sure with (a lot of) practise players will be able to kick ass with melee heroes in a first person perspective. In fact, I saw on a few occasions people dominating with melee heroes already.

  9. I don’t know if it is just a matter of settings (I forgot to check the settings), but Miko’s healing beam is a bit of a pain to activate, it’s not very responsive. It also jumps automatically from a person you are busy healing to somebody else, often someone who does not need any healing. (I will post this also under “Bugs”)

  10. I love couch multiplayer with friends who do not have a PS4 or any console for that matter. So I am rather disappointing with the split screen mode. First of all, a big part on the left is taken up by the minimaps. For what reason I do not know but it makes split screen play more difficult. Also, unless I’m mistaken, my friends needs a Playstation account if they want to play with me split screen and they don’t have it so I think it’s absolutely unnecessary. Again I’m using Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 as an example of how it should work.

Points 5, 7 and 8 I’m feeling very strongly about. Regardless, I’m definitely getting Battleborn (I’m a big Borderlands fan by the way) and I see myself putting a lot of hours into this game! I enjoyed every minute of the open beta and I am looking so much forward to the full release. I counting down the days but the days feel like months to me. (-:
Thank you very much!


Great feedback! Care if I respond to each of your points? I too played the Beta on the PS4.

  1. I agree 100%. I’ve been in an awesome team once, and I just didn’t want to take the time to message them all to ask if they want to play another game. Sadly, I wasn’t able to play with them again. :.I

  2. I myself am not really having trouble with the mini-map, except for the character icons. So I was wondering what your exact problem is with it?

  3. I actually had no trouble with it, and I’m not really used to a PS controller. (I mainly play on the Xbone but well, the Beta started earlier on PS so why would I wait? ;p) It was not too sensitive for me.

  4. This bug happened so many time, and a lot of people ran into it. My sis was playing Marquis and she did not have his weapon, and she encountered enemy Marquis who didn’t have his weapon either! Ended in a bitchslap battle.
    Also not bad to mention, there also is a bug that the complete character is invisible.

  5. I’ve complained a lot about the score and exp system already, and I agree 101% with you. I really hope Gearbox will look into this.

  6. The problem with a new player joining is, that person will be underleveled… Except for if that new person gets to be on the level that the disconnected person was able to reach.

  7. The exp should be reduced a lot, so people won’t go and take advantage of private matches. It’s a good idea though, that private matches should gain you some exp.

  8. I say no to third person view, too. I think people really should just take the time to learn how to controll a melee character, or pick a character that is ranged, I’ve played some games with Phoebe, and melee helix choices for Mellka and had no trouble with it after a few matches.

  9. There are a few topics about this in the Miko section of the forum, not sure I’ve you’ve seen those. Some have really good explainations of why this may happen and stuff. I’m pretty sure this will be fixed.
    Turning off auto-aim(If you had it on) also really helps with being able to stay with the person you actually want to heal.

  10. I didn’t have much trouble with split screen, but I have quite a big TV. Kinda liked the way they made split screen, really.;p

And as far as I know, you need another account on your PS for someone to join… You could simply make an account named Guest or something whenever you want a friend to join.

Great feedback, by the way. Detailed, and with some very important points in it. :mushroom:

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Very good post, I agree with all the points you made. The game is very fun but could use a bit of refining :slight_smile:

Should be a fun birthday for you, best of luck on the battlefield!

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Thank you! Not at all, in fact I didn’t thought of aspects such as a new player joining at a disadvantage being under leveled (unless he already have some levels automatically unlocked). It still a pain when people quit or rage quit.Hopefully it will get better with time, real soon I hope. Also I didn’t even thought of turning off auto aim. Thanks for pointing all that out.

I am not 100% sure why the mini-map feels ineffective for me, I didn’t use it as much as other games. But I think it’s like you say, the character icons (more specific Battleborn characters). They don’t stand out from the rest. And for example: When a mercenary thrall is available for recruitment, does it shows in the mini-map? If it does, it needs to be enhanced, if not it would be nice if it’s indicated in the mini-map. In the end the mini-map was not a hindrance for me.

The X button works absolutely fine in the game itself but on occasions in the menu it can be very erratic. When selecting a friend, it will give you two options namely “Sent Invite” and “View Profile”. Most of the times when I selected a friend it will go straight to “Sent Invite” and before you know it you would have sent an invite. Sad to say lol, but I have 6 controllers and they all do it and it does not happen in other games.

I have myself a rather big tv. It just the mini-maps is a bit off putting, I would have loved if the whole screen was used for game play like Borderlands etc but I know I should get used to it. As a matter of fact I have a second account which I can use for friends, I didn’t thought of using it for this. However I will still prefer the PvZ GW2 method.

All in all, none of the these points are game breaking for me. Gearbox said that 3rd person is very, very, very unlikely which I’m glad about but I still feel very strongly about point 5. I understand with point 7 that people could “farm” for XP but it will be nice if you still can get XP even if at a (big) reduced rate, still I will not be unhappy if there are no XP in private versus matches, would be nice though lol.

Thank you very much for your input and for bringing things under my attention which I didn’t think of! I appreciate it! :wink:

Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :blush:

You’re very welcome, imo it’s very important to get feedback on feedback too!

And I have no idea if you can see on the map if a Thrall camp is available. Now I started wondering, can you see which camp is owned by which team?