My Personal Orendi Guide

Hey everyone, I’m the author of this post and it was requested I did an Orendi Guide.

This is my helix build and I’ll go through each level with why I chose each.

Tier 1- Up to you
Up until Pendles’ release, I’ve been going with Fire Walk with Me, but if there are multiple enemies who can go invisible, Burned and Busted work better for the entire team.

Tier 2- I Hate Your Pretty Eyes
Overall, blinding is much more effective for crowd control than just pushing enemies back, especially if you want to set a Shadowfire Pillar on top of them if they can’t see.

Tier 3- Oh That Reminds Me
Honestly makes getting away that much easier. If you’re getting attacked by a melee character, face them, hit Nullify to blind them, bounce away all while getting shields back. One of the best ways to stay alive in a pinch

Tier 4- Preamble of Pain
I could see this being a personal preference, but preamble of pain just has more utility to me with some simplicity. Setting off in front of a minion wave is guranteed to get some massive damage on them, and if done in the middle of a group of enemy battleborn, you can get some damage off on them without even hitting them. It also synergizes with Tier 10 mutation Pillarstorm to add even more damage. It also gets buffed by her legendary’s effect if the previous Shadowfire Pillar missed.

Tier 5- Up to you
This is again one that just depends on your play style. I go with Prognosticombo just so I can cast a shadowfire pillar on an enemy, run up and blind them with nullify, and then by the time I’m bouncing away they get hit by the shadowfire. It helps prep nullify to be ready to CC them, but this is just personal preference.

Tier 6- Shadowfury
No question about why this is the better choice- Nullify is used to CC, get away, charge shields, and get Shadowfire Pillar’s cooldown reduced, not deal damage. Shadowfire Pillar gets stronger along with the AoE chosen on tier 4.

Tier 7- Essence Theft
This helix adds a level of self-sustainment not really seen on orendi. Especially useful if there isn’t much of a support on the team, you can use a Shadowfire or Paradigm shift from far away onto a group of minions and get a pretty good amount of health back. If your team does have some capable healers, Force of Will is definitely a viable choice.

Tier 8- Rapid Deterioration
Again, nullify isn’t here to deal damage, so getting it available to use is really the most important.

Tier 9- Shadowfire Storm
While the other two helix choices definitely have their merits, getting the skill’s cooldown even lower helps increase your DPS. Otherwise my next choice would be <font color=>Chaotic Reach

Tier 10- Pillarstorm
Honestly, one of the most groundbreaking skills in the game. It completely changes the way I use Paradigm Shift. Instead of aiming at center of mass for one enemy I want to hit, I just aim for a group of battleborn near each other and they all melt completely. It has pretty good range to the sides of the paradigm shift so you can usually be sure to hit at least one enemy. Added with lifesteal and your health bar can jump up. If you don’t have this mutation yet, Thought Rejection is also great, I can’t stress how good CC is in PVP. Reign of Chaos isn’t really necessary as the cooldown for Shadowfire Pillar is already so low. (note, pillarstorm doesn’t work on non-battleborn, so it’s useless in PVE, go with Thought Rejection there).

Gear Loadout

Orendi can definitely benefit from lot of different gear. My style is usually 2 purples and a legendary with her, but I can’t really find a legendary I like to stick with. Because she’s so squishy, stacking max health could really help her (3 purples with a major health buff and 2 minor health buffs give her 700 more health). Offensively, I love to stack attack speed with her but she also benefits form skill damage, attack damage, and even critical hit damage if you have good aim. Some items I’ve used on her:

A 0 cost shard generator with -Heal Power

A +Shield/+Shard/second battery

A +Attack Speed/+Max Health blade

A +Skill Damage/+Attack Speed pin

Some legendary gear that could be good:
Bola’s Target Finder
+Skill Damage/+Attack Speed/Increased damage to enemies hit by skills for 10 seconds

Vigilance Link
+Health/+Healing Recieved/+Health to all teammates

Variable Morpher (her legendary)
+Skill Damage/+Max Shield/+25% Damage to Shadowfire Pillar if the previous one dealt no damage

In my opinion, I don’t love her legendary because it relies on missing the previous Shadowfire Pillar. However, both Preamble of Pain and Pillarstorm benefit from this item and if all 3 are used together, can wreak havoc on the opposing team.

I think I’ve covered everything about her! Ask if you want any more info or why I chose what I did.

This build is very similar to mine, bar 7 and 10. I get why you prefer sustain at 7 but 15% is a lot of skill damage, especially considering how much damage SFP and Paradigm deal unboosted, but I’m pretty good at not dying and I like making other things die. Plus the way I see it, if you got to level 7 without any form of sustain you don’t need it at that stage. Of course I run Pillarstorm, but before I unlocked it and on PvE I combine Reign of Chaos and Prognosticombo because they synergise so well together. Pillar, Nullify, Pillar, Paradigm, Pillar, Nullify, Pillar. That’s four Pillars and a Paradigm in a very short amount of time.

Both the Chrono Key and Firmware Update work extremely well on Orendi and synergise with her high burst damage and short cooldowns, respectively, but I can hardly choose between two, I don’t like relying on RNG but the Chrono Key’s secondary stat has no effect on Orendi.

For gear I run a shard generator and double legendary, either Chrono or Firmware as stated above and Bola’s Target Finder. I like the Codex Fragment as well, but I don’t like that you have to take damage to reap the full benefit and stacks decay quickly and Orendi taking damage is usually a bad thing, though with +210 max health taking damage becomes a little easier. Alternately, an epic Eldrid skill damage item provides passive max health while a common one provides it after surviving for 3 minutes, which I hardly find difficult, and what better reward for not dying than more health!?

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