My Personal Tier List at Rank 90

Keep in mind this is my opinion from playing the games multiplayer for 60+ hours, what I think isn’t fact but is based on my own performance and of those I’ve played with and against I’ll keep this in format and response to @loganryan626 post Post Patch tier list My god that took longer than expected, can’t wait to reread and find a bunch of errors.

S Tier


  • Not as unbearably op as she was pre-patch but still stupidly strong with a high amount of survivability coupled with high base movement speed makes her hard to kill. Nerfing the over shield is what brought her into balance in my opinion. Pre patch you had to essentially kill her twice, now she HAS to use that shield as an escape and not a second hp bar.


  • My most played character because of how strong she is and her potential to still 1v5 an entire team if they don’t cc you. Massive AoE damage that can reveal cloaked players, pull people running away, heal you, or silence the enemy. With the mutation that builds up to 35% attack speed and the ability to shoot with every sword swing her damage out put is the highest in the game. I have not been out dps’d by anything save a charged thorn shot followed by a point blank volley. Ignoring the high amount of sustain and damage out put, her shield throw is and stun just wins 1v1 fights. And my friends and i have done 1v1 fights against Galilea to see who could best her, so far only deande.

A Tier


  • My second favorite character because he is so fun to play and a great brawler. Caldirus isn’t an assassin or a heavy damage dealer, he’s just annoyingly mobile and does enough damage to finish you off in team fights, or has the mobility to pick off people trying to escape. Pre 5 he doesn’t have a lot of solo kill potential. But once you get his ultimate you can poke people down, blind them then come crashing down on them for the kill. Then zip away. It’s far more effective than people give it credit for.


  • At first I thought Miko was a simple healer who needed his team if he wanted to do anything. My god was I wrong. I’ve gone on streaks of 21-2 16-4 15-2 with Miko consistently because he can damage and out sustain/kite most Heros. Honestly the “support” characters in this game do too much damage. I’ve solo’d phoebes and Attikus with Miko by kiting around my slow and steadily regaining health as I chip away at them.


  • I don’t like Attikus. His frame is a giant target if you ask me. But it’s hard to shoot that target when he comes crashing down from the sky, stuns you in a corner, and starts whaling on you like a savage. It honestly scar’d me. Being able to heal himself while dishing out a large amount of damage, and the potential to juggle a whole team, puts him in the A list without doubt. Large damage, healing, heavy cc, can fight more than 1 person at a time, he’s A tier. He can also use his engage as an instant escape, what more could you want… aside from a smaller frame. Plus, once he gets increased attack speed with chain lighting he becomes a great asset to any team fight.


  • I don’t like Marquis. But next to thorn he has some of the highest damage in game. The damage bonus from Ein, Zwei, Die is insane. I’ve been mid fight only to see my character evaporate followed by my camera scrolling to a bowing Marquis as if he is saying “yes yes jolly good show, now go on back to base you go.” The only way to stop the damage coming from a good marquis is to be right on top of him, and even then that’s dangerous with his slow field and owl that can take out your shield and leave you vulnerable to a head shot.

-Oscar Mike

  • Good Job on Oscar Mike. Easily the most well balanced Hero in the game. He does a lot of damage with his napalm grenade and Air Strike, while being able to slip in and out of combat. His rifle is easy to shoot and I greatly appreciate being able to ADS. I have no complaints dying to an Oscar Mike because I was either standing in his grenade while being shot in the back, or didn’t respect that fact that he could have been watching me fight someone from the start of a battle. His modifications all synergize well and allow to make an effective get in, do damage, get out with full shield solider.


  • I was going to put Orendi in the B rank tier but honestly I’ve seen some powerful Orendi’s. To me the thing that puts her in B rank is how easy her skills are to avoid. I can’t even remember the last time I was actually hit by a Shadow Pillar. Nullify isn’t a kill threat attack, and I have been hit with her ultimate maybe three or four times. But. Objectively shes a very good Hero. Her damage to Minions and ability to push out the lane are underrated. Shes good for helping the team by safely destroying the enemy minions which is pretty significant. And if she can land her skills on you, she does a lot of damage. Shes a diamond in the rough but when I think about it, I can’t say she’s only a B rank. Shes like B+

B Tier


  • The most effective tank. He can soak up a lot of damage with his wards, and when those break and go on CD he as a 2k damage soaking shield to pick up the slack. When he overcharges his ultimate, it places another shield over his current shield. He does a surprising amount of damage by consistently landing overcharged shots, and can blanket an area with rounds since he doesn’t have to reload. I honestly don’t know why he isn’t picked more. His wards can even block Galilea’s shield throw. He is however heavily reliant on his team to do sufficient damage. Yeah he hurts but he won’t be 1v1’ing Rath at lv 1.


  • Aka Blitzcrank. I’ve seen this man pull a Benedict from out of the sky, into a trap, and mercilessly shoot him into thanksgiving dinner. He has a lot of up close damage, damage that he can make you deal with if he lands his hook. Clever use of his trap has lead to people turning corners only to find themselves stunned and gunned. Ghalt at point blank range can kill most Heros, so getting hit by a trap at lv 1 is almost a sure fire way to get yourself killed. His usefulness does not fall off. Being able to grab a priority target and remove then from the playing field is incredibly valuable. His ultimate heavily bumps his damage as well. His trap makes for good cc and cc is always a good thing to have.


  • High Damage, High mobility, High survivability. Did you know Pheobe has a mutation that instantly resets Phase Gates cd if your shield is depleted? Well she does. Now imagine you pair that with the modification that instantly starts shield recharge when you use Phase Gate+ the mod that increase the rate at which you shield recharges + and purple item that increase the rate of shield recharge. I’ve managed to chain Phase Gate on a 3-4 sec cd. Using Phase Gate to dive into the fray, let my sheild break, then hop right out, makes her one of the best assassins in the game. She also does a lot of damage and high kill potential since she can chase you with True Strike and Phase gate AND shoot swords at you. If it wasn’t for her weakish early game and weakness to cc, she would be an A.


  • Rath Pre 5 honestly isn’t that great and borderline puts him at C tier. His Crossblade is weak but usefull if you mod it to return shield damage, and his AoE knock up is pretty useful. His saving grace is that he is secretly a Beyblade that steals your health when he lets it rip. I don’t play Rath, I find him to valenruable as a melee character with no escape and I haven’t seen him heavily out damage someone lv’s 1-5. But like i said, his ultimate is very powerful… but then again it is prone to cc. And once he is cc’d he has no escape… Rath is a B because of his potential to ace a team but he is a bit of a one trick pony.


  • Thorn is a high damage sniper with the ability to kite around a team with her AoE slow and agility. I’ve fallen prone to chasing a Thorn thinking I was on the brink of killing her, only to be out ran, slowed, shot and volleyed to my death. Shes a character were you learn quickly “I probably should just let her go.” Her AoE slow/damage skill has so many uses. From wave clearing to giving you time to line up a shot, it’s an incredibly useful skill. Volley is great for burst damage at close range, but it’s use is meh from a range if shes trying to stay back and snipe. However most good thorns are constantly moving and put volley to use at mid range where its more than effective. Shes a solid pick but takes skill to use, a lot of damage potential a slow and survivability. She has the potential to be a thorn in anyone side… get it… sorry I had to.

C rank belongs to the characters that aren’t good enough on their own or just don’t do their intended job well enough.

  • Kelvin
  • Kevin (as I call him) is not very good on his own. In fact I never want to run into combat as Kevin unless I know someone is right behind me. They buff’d his passive shield but’s still not enough to make him a “tank.” It did however increase my confidence when I engage on the enemy to AoE stun them. Which really is his only use. AoE Stun the team, slow them with your attack and then comp them for a bit of damage. He pairs really well with any other Hero, but alone he doesn’t stand much of a chance against anyone. I don’t even find him that durable, he has ~2k hp but with no shield that health is going to be steadily declining. And against an array of ranged characters, he just struggles. I only pick him when I’m playing with friends who i can coordinate an attack with, you can’t expect randoms to understand him so he’s really just meh.


  • Frankly, I like Kleese. I enjoy playing tanks and this guy gets pretty tanky. He’s a fun and tactical Hero but he is a shielder. His main job is to support the team. And he kinda does that… When I play Kleese there are times where I set up and link my rifts and you would have to call down an air strike and napalm grenade to put a dent in this mans shields… but that only helps me. Rarely do I see teammates run through my rift field to regain their shields. In fact I have to put myself in the middle of the fray if I expect anyone to notice that “Hey this guy can actually help me.” He is C rank because he doesn’t do his job very well. He is excellent at controlling a zone if you can set up his rifts… but the rifts are easy to destroy and early game they don’t really support him or teammates, they push the lanes. There’s more i could say on Kleese, he’s probably my 4th most played character, but believe me when I say he has a few heavy flaws that put him in C rank.


  • Mellka is an attacker/assassin but she does not have the damage to be an assassin. Mellka is a good Hero, but she takes too much effort to use to feel rewarded. Having to reload to place a poison on people to potentially deal increased damage is taxing. Too often I find myself getting a large amount of assist with Mellka because I don’t have the damage to finish people off. I would like it a lot more if they described Mellka as a skirmisher like Caldrius rather than an assassin. She has a good amount of mobility and survivability while being able to harass the enemy. She’s a much better "brawler"ish character than she is an assassin. Assassinate who? You have to shoot at them, reload HOPE you land a poison canister, then land a lunge poison vault combo then melee them to do like 500 damage. By the time you’ve done all this the enemy is like “wait what the f- did she just dash towards me jump into the air then shoot at me? hell nah i’m outta here” and watch them walk away because you don’t have the damage to finish people or any cc. -_- I really like Mellka too, she a damn cool character like and moblie (like Caldrius) but unlike Caldrius, she doesn’t have a 400 damage mobile ultimate… at least not until lv 10.


  • Don’t think Montana is C rank because he is bad. He is a good hero, but as I said C rank is for people who can’t do their job as well as others, or relies on the team. Montana is the latter. He is a giant flipping target. Which is good for a tank but bad because he is a giant flipping target. You will go down as Montana if you don’t have a good team( a lot) or aren’t playing him as a damage dealer. However his ability to mitigate damage and cc a large area is very useful. I am only putting him in c rank because he can not function well without the team playing around him from my experience. I’m sure some of you are handing people butts back to them on a silver platter as Montana, I just haven’t seen it.


  • I like Reyna. She is a solid support character. But a support is only as good as the team they’re supporting. Her shields are good but a little weak early on, and being able to mark a priority target is super useful. Later in the game she is able to heal and shield people, which is incredibly valuable. And being able to drop a “Sorry, only cool kids can shoot through here” zone can be crucial. But she has no cc, or escape, and she is pretty low damage. She falls into the c range because of this.


  • These two. I’m not sure why but they are a bit underwhelming. She can go toe to toe with a lot of people, but unlike the other Heros she can’t take on a lot of people and keep going. She needs to return after one battle. Fetch is a good skill but it isn’t followed up by anything lethal Her ultimate does good damage over time, but it is really easy to avoid. Her cloaking is good for engaging but it isn’t a very good escape as she is pretty visible(I’m not sure if it’s a glitch but her outline is pretty easy to find right when she cloaks). She falls flat, in a few places. For that she is C rank imo.

D rank, these are the guys that are at the bottom of the leader board or just not played or just don’t do enough.

-Whisky FoxTrot

  • I know what you’re thinking, Hows a guy with that badass of a name not in the S tier. Well, cause he kinda sucks. His sticky grenades, hard to land and not very powerful. Scrap cannon, hard to land not very powerful. His skills do damage and his passive is pretty nice, but he just doesn’t do enough. His ultimate gives him a burst of damage and kill potential, but his kill potential is basically only when he has his ultimate from what I’ve seen. Pair that with low mobility and no escape, and you’ve got yourself an easy target.


  • Stop playing this guy in Pvp. Just stop. You can’t aim your rockets, I know you can’t, cause I can’t. I have never seen a good Benedict. It has not happen. People miss the rockets, people fly into walls, the guy is a mess. He does damage if you can manage to land a rocket, but really the only thing he does is shoot minions. Feel free to prove me wrong, but this guy is the worse.


  • Boldur is a pretty good tank. He can take a lot of damage and his ultimate heavily improves his ability to tank. But he isn’t played enough for me to think well of him. His axe throw does “that tickled” damage and his charge can be hard to hit, if not easily jumped over. I think there is potential in Boldur but I would need someone to show me his use. From what I’ve seen and what I’ve practiced he isn’t a good pvp Hero.


  • I personally enjoy Toby, anyone that tells you he doesn’t do a lot of damage and is a sitting duck is a damn lie. He does a lot of quick high damage shots when you fire from behind his wall. And If someone runs on you, he has a large AoE stun mine. Which you can then use, melee them while saying “back it the f*ck up” and then blast away. I like Toby. However he has too much counter play and not enough team use. As I said he does a large amount of damage from behind his wall, but his wall is easily destroyed. And running up to Toby is a good idea because his mine has a large CD and it is his only “escape” aside from dashing away tail twixt legs. Sure he is good at destroying Minions and poking from a far, but so is Marquis and Orendi and thorn, all of whom don’t have half the counter play and 2x the escape potential.
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This thread is totally uneeded, there are others like it…

Hey I can’t look at your tier list and I am curious. Is the fault on my end?

No, for some reason it got sent before I even started really typing it. All I did was press space .-. Still not finished though

This is actually pretty cool. Well written!

Rank 90? are you seriously Rank 90? Is that even possible? Do you have a chill button? Do you even sleep? I feel like you need to get something to eat and some sleep.

What can I say, I really like the game.

So because other people gave their opinion, I shouldn’t give my opinion? Good logic.

You asked to be proven wrong about Benedict. I give you this. This character is all about leading and being good at skillshots. I hit them with as many rockets as I can and then use the tracer rocket to refresh the reload and them hit them with four rockets. He also has insane wave clear and can get across the map faster than anyone.

I think you need to take a break and relax and try not to kill yourself. it has only been up for less then 72 hour (unless there was early access) and you have been playing the whole time?

It’s been out since april 8th for Ps4 players…

Oh ok I didn’t know that.

Are you saying that you’re the ultimate player, and no one can do the things you can’t do? You sound pretty arrogant here. I agree with a few people on your tier list, but others just seem to be way far from home.

Nah thats mostly a joke because of how salty I am that I’m a bad Benedict and haven’t seen any good ones so I can’t really grasp the idea that he is anything but bad. That tone is just my sense of humor.

The problem here is that it sounds like you’re trying to be factual. You said in a previous post, that this is about opinion. It seems to me like you have a grudge against the character. Your reasoning behind a few of these characters placing is pretty flawed.

Even if this is about opinion, you should try and make better arguments to back up that opinion. Bias hurts the validation of tier lists. Try not to let your saltiness get to you.

I agree with Fearlezz on your rankings.

  • You put Caldarius as A tier because he is one of your favorite characters. Sure his movement is good but have fun tickling people to a slow death. You literally said Caldarius is good because he can finish kills. If thats all he can really do along with movement, he definitely shouldn’t be in A tier.
  • Just because you’re bad with a character shouldn’t determine the characters rank. I understand that most benedicts are bad. I Cringe every time I see one play and they are on the ground and flying into walls. Nobody forces Benedict to fly into walls. That is entirely player error and a misunderstanding of his mechanics. Just remember that he is alone in the air and only Marquis can kill him up high.

I agree with everything in S-B tier but honestly there are some things in C-tier that can be moved up to B or higher.

Shayne&Aurox for example is pretty good at what she does. She doesn’t have the overwhelming presence of the other characters like Ambra, Galilea, or even Marquis…but they are good at their role. At least that’s my opinion as a mediocre S&A Player. They’re definitely going to be my main. Just tell a Shayne and Aurox where the action is and they can clean up. They are also extraordinary at helping the team as a “Jungler” and getting those Thrall Camps in a jiffy.

I won’t go into details about the others in C-tier since I don’t play them. I have seen really good Kleese and Reyna players that kill it with their role as support.

Also, Where’s El Dragoooooooooooooooooooon?