My Photo Mode Is Missing (PS4)


Ok so I read that Borderlands 3 has a photo mode…originally only on PC but put onto consoles with one of the patches?

I couldn’t find it in any of my option menu screens, so I looked up this guide -

  • and a few others.

I followed them carefully and I still can’t find it anywhere.

Am I blind?

Is my game bugged so I don’t have it?

Am I missing something super embarrassingly obvious?

I’m on PS4.

Please help, friendos!

Thanks in advance.


Is it, perhaps, on the context menu with the emotes when you hold in the Select/Back button?

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That’s a possibility.

Done playing for the night, I shall investigate tomorrow!



I officially have no photo mode option despite various sources online telling me I should gave one.

First two pics are internet screenshots third pic is my actual screen.

Where did you read that photo mode has been rolled out to consoles? My understanding was that it’s only on PC.

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That article pictured there as well as 4-5 other similar ones from google.

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According to this tweet it will be available on the day 30 patch

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Did people write those articles in advance?

Maybe they were testers with game copies with some functions most of us don’t have yet?

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