...my post was deleted? (Elephant in the room post about Auto Aim)

The thread was beautiful - we had awesome feedback from other testers and there was virtually 0 trolling/negativity.

I’m going to need a really good reason as to why my personal thread was deleted from the forums.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the thread that was emailed to me for proof of a positive, productive thread - some of these members in here had really good ideas!

And more positive feedback… what gives forum admins?

No idea what happened there…

It wasn’t deleted. You talk of the CTT which all that talk is to remain in the closed forum. Because it breachs the NDA.
Your thread was moved there -

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Well that would be it… :wink:

I apologize for sucking at life and I love you.

Thank you.


A bit… But you can’t not like a moderator!