My Problem With BL3 (Dedicated Drops)

Currently World drops are so common that making certain Enemies have (Dedicated) drops seems almost Pointless for farming most legendaries

How hard is it to just remove 90% of the legendaries from the Worlds drop table making the only way to obtain them by farming the boss that drops it.

leave the few legendaries that can only be obtained once like the Lyudia! But remove ALL the other ones such as the LOB that can drop from from other Locations: (LOB being GW)

I believe this would improve everyone’s experience with BL3.

  • Remove dedicated drops as world drops
  • Don’t change anything!

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This would force more quit/load cycles down my already sore throat… No thanks.


Maybe I misinterpreted.
Do you want to remove 90% of drops from the world pool so only the bosses drop them
Remove world drops from the boss’ pool so they only drop their dedicated drop?

Because if it’s the former I would be forced to farm bosses and when I want to just fool around or do a couple slaughter shaft runs I would have much less variety in drops.


I’m suggesting when you go farm
Mouthpiece/Grave ward/ warden/tyreen/Troy Or any other Boss The only (LEGENDARIES) you obtain from killing them will be there dedicated drops. And (not 1 of the 30) world drops that currently drop every time you kill them. I even said keep the few we couldn’t normal obtain like the Lyudia should stay as world drops.

You are suggesting the removal of world drops from bosses if im reading that right?
Honestly I’d rather that then what agonizer does and it’s A dedicated drop and all cosmetics which could have been world drops.

Its not bad for his drops but it feels sad when all you get is 3 cosmetics and an agonizer 1500 on m10

I was under the impression the latest patch already limited boss’ drop pools like that, maybe I got that wrong.

The latest hotfix limits a boss’ dedicated drop pool to two items.

This has always been completely independent of how many rolls at the world drop pool a boss has in its coding.

Personally I’m voting for keep things as they are now, since that gives you a slim chance of actually getting two of the dedicated drop item you’re looking for; the other options actually make farming worse on both counts.


By voting to remove dedicated drops as world drops: would give you a better chance to get 2 of the dedicated drops wouldn’t that be better?

The game has considerably changed for the better.

Sooo thisnsorta topic u need to wait awhile.
Maybe a month/two weeks ago this woulda made sense.

The way loot is and where you get it has changed


so uh. I dont see the point of it yet. Hasn’t even been a week. Lets players play a bit.

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I agree with what you are saying, this has just been a personal problem for me since day 1 don’t get me wrong I love the update it’s amazing BL3 has come a far way.

The less world drops the less you could farm graveward for most legendaries in the game. Requiring people to actually go farm the intend boss that drops the item

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No, farming certain things such as class mods is already a pain to the point where vendor farming is still infinitely more bearable than “mob X” (especially if they don’t have a save station nearby). The issue here is that the bonus stats can be just as important as the item itself while gunparts are generally more “forgiving”. Getting a decent CM is essentially 1 / 20 / chance for stat 1 / chance for stat 2 / chance for stat 3 which is already bad enough as it is.

Just wondering which class mods are hard to farm now?

If its wotan… Well lol i almost never saw his class mods.

But theres now. Gtd’s spiderman gun and teleport ways to spawn in.

I.dont like these methods personally but its built into the game.

Class mods have moved around alot. a week. Some ppl have list already.

Wikis are out dated for drop locations. Seems to been changing at a nutcase rate sinxe mayhem 2.0

The best example I can think of is the proving grounds that drops the class mod for Zane.

I’ve ran through it 25 or so times only to recieve 1 maybe 2 class mods each time the rest being world drops.
This is why I’m suggesting to remove the world drops because that way you would have much better chance of obtaining the item/gear you are farming for?

The less drops a boss has the better chance of you obtaining a perfect roll item!

The world drop pools and dedicated pools are completely separate. Removing world drops from bosses will do nothing to help dedicated drops. The world drops are just a bonus when farming.

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They did change Agonizer 9000 back. He no longer only drops cosmetics and dedicated

That sounds about right for the dedicated drops. The only way to improve that would be if GBX decided to up the drop chance. I’m doubtful that would happen.

If you want more explanation on the whole world/dedicated drop situation, I posted an explanation here:


increase dedicated drop rates and lower world drop rates

that would probably be the best option to keep the current drop rate but makes targeted farming better (also, kaoson and the other new weapon are dedicated only. and then there’s DLC drops wich are again a whole new list)

even if the removed anointments stop dropping (wich is currently bugged) the lootpool is so diluted it takes for ever to get the roll you want

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Decreasing world drop rates would do nothing for targeted farming. It’s a separate pool. Upping the dedicated wouldn’t be a bad thing tho.

Also, they just removed a lot of the anoint dilution, so getting the roll you want is much better now.

The DLC2 ones are still a bitch to farm for. Also, any CMs you actually want with specific stat combos (which people usually do). In case you didn’t understand the: “Getting a decent CM is essentially 1 / 20 / chance for stat 1 / chance for stat 2 / chance for stat 3 which is already bad enough as it is.” let me translate this for you. The chance of getting what you want is “1 / 20 / 65 / 64 / 63” or “1 / 5241600” (and this is if we’re ignoring class skill rolls).

To make dedicated farming for CMs comparable to dedicated farming for weapons (assuming a 1 / 20 chance for the weapon) in regards to the RNG involved for the relevant stuff you would need be guaranteed to get 50 CMs every time you kill the dedicated mob in question, it’s that bad.