My Problem With BL3 (Dedicated Drops)

I much prefer finding world drops in the wild. All of my Lobs have combe from anywhere but it’s actual owner.
Otherwise you would end up doing nothing but boss farming. That would make the game super stale real quick.

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100% disagree with op. Part of the reason like some others have brought up already is World Drops and Dedicateds are independent of each other. Taking 1 out does not help the other.

Second, this game already has abysmal RNG when attempting to get specific rolls of gear thanks to Anoints. Luckily, GB took out a ton of Anoints so this helps a bit but the problem still remains. I cannot tell you how many times I have found a God roll or highly optimized piece of gear from World Drops while farming Dedicateds. This is time saved from having to farm those World Drops from their Dedicated source. Though you could greatly increase drop odds of a Dedicated, World Drops allow for much greater efficiency as you are able to collect from other sources while also focusing on specific gear. This right here just requires better balancing on behalf of GB so grinding is not too long all around.

I don’t wanna make a new thread. Sadly I don’t have the time to play this but is dedicated drops still terrible to get? Yet world drops still litter out of the bosses a lot?

Most dedicated drops seem to take 10 to 20 kills to get from my experience. And yes, bosses litter the floor with worthless world drops.

I guess I’ll sit this one out with the latest update then. I’m seeing some problems than fun stuffs. I’ll be back once farming for bosses and such drops A LOT of blues and purples, once a while world legendary or two and guarantee dedicated drop

I seriously doubt guaranteed dedicated drops are ever going to happen. I can’t think of a single example in any other Borderlands game where, other than the first mission or side quest run, a farmable boss has had a guaranteed drop.

If - as seems to be an emerging consensus - the chance for a dedicated drop is about 1 in 10 AND now bosses only have a couple of items in their pool, you’re looking at post-2015 BL2 Savage Lee drop rates (as an example). Holding out for better drop rates than that is a bit like waiting for the Great Pumpkin…

Ion Cannon. That is all and that boss that drops it isn’t really fair

The Westergun also used to be a guaranteed drop for Private Beans before they changed his loot pool in the most recent patch.

I don’t believe it was guaranteed to drop every time you farmed him after the side quest mission, though - I certainly never got more than one, and I spilled the Beans multiple times.

i want option to farm boss without having to quit then continue and pay eridium or money to clear unwanted drops off the floor would be more better fix for me as too many drops on floor is pain but also quitting/continue is so slow on console.

Looks like I was wrong. It always has been and still is, just killed him 5 times and what do you know: 5 Westerguns (as it should be).

I know I did.

And iirc the Hellfire is also a guaranteed drop if you kill Jabbermogwai with fire.

i have gaming pc you know…just dont feel like getting bl3 on it if honest as got few consoles but im not person to get multiple copys of game for each platform.

I haven’t farmed Private Beans in quite a while, since the Westergun became sort of useless.
What I do remember is 4 out of 5 runs I would get a Westergun from him. That was one of the most reliable farms for me.

I could not say what it is like now.

I think most of the community can agree, we don’t want Guaranteed drops from boss… Borderlands has always been about finding Random guns along the way to use on your adventure, if you were to always get a bosses dedicated drops every single time you killed them it would ruin the experience and KILL the already lacking endgame.

I tried it last night just to check for myself. In three runs of that area, I got three Westerguns and one Chupa’s Organ. So yeah, Beans seems to be quite exceptional.

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