My progress resetted

my progress resetted. I don’t know what can i do now. I have 3 prestiges a lot of artifacts unlocked all heroes but i have zero progress right now. Help pls. Supporters can check my account right now. I deleted the game for progress lost. But if someone help me i will load again the game for my android phone.

Same thing happened to me f%#€£*^% major bummer.

I had all progress lost just after I reached max level (after prestiging about 14 times) a week ago, but since I don’t really play any other phone game I just started over. Here’s to hoping that won’t happen again now that I’ve made it even farther than last time!

Just in case none of you noticed or check for updates, Battleborn Tap was updated roughly a week ago to resolve an issue with progress resetting, at least on Android (not sure about iOS). So, if you updated the game recently it should hopefully not happen again.

Its shows I have every battleborn unlocked but I can’t play as ghalt or alani do there’s no way I can unlock alani w/ the key to unlock alani or anybody else and I can’t buy her with the points if anybody knows what’s wrong please reply

This forum is for Battleborn Tap, the mobile game. It does not have Alani in it. :slight_smile:

As for your problem with Battleborn, I had an issue where heroes I had not unlocked showed as unlocked. For Ghalt, you need to be CR 40 or have gotten silver or higher on every mission on advanced so, if you have not done either of those things, that is why he is locked.

For Alani, I am not sure what to say because my key redemption worked fine for her on PS4. Here is an article on them:

If nothing works contact support: