My PS4 Bugs in Battleborn


  • When I’m about to face Lothar Rendain the cutscene shows blurriness. I can’t see him and everything around him. I bought this game from the playstation network store after selling the CD version for the PS4. I never had this issue with the Disc version.


  • They don’t drop Legendary Gear anymore after I bought the Season pass for Battleborn. I keep getting Common gear to rare or Purple gear. I use to get Legendary gear every time I played operations on the Disc version but I sold the Disc to gamestop a few months ago when they stopped the Battleborn updates. I bought the game again from the PlayStation Network Store.

  • The boss icons keep showing Bulleyes beneath their health bar instead of their actual icons like the wolf sentries head if I face Dire Wolf in Oscar Mike Versus the Battle School, or Facing Sister Aria in Attikus and The Thrall Rebellion. This was after buying the Season pass.


  • Whenever a Player leaves, rejoins, and then leaves again, the bot that replaces them is invincible. My entire team would try to kill it but it takes no health damage what so ever.

Market Place:

  • I bought the season pass, but an error message occurred saying it couldn’t process it. I tried it several times until it finally worked. Next thing I know I got gold skins for other characters that I never purchased before. I don’t know if clicking on the same Season pass item made that happen or if it was included with the season pass. Before buying the season pass, I had already bought two operations for Oscar and Montana by doing the daily missions and not spending a single US dollar on it (until now since I now realize I want to support the Battleborn game because of it’s potential).

The only thing you can likely get a fix on is that last bit. You should go over to the support ticket page and file one. They should be able to sort this out. For the other things, they’ve said no more patches are coming, so it is what it is.

Another strange new occurence as of lately is that after pvp victory/defeat some team players are 1: not listed (i e 1 spot void) 2: not listed and replaced by enemy team player(!) on the summary chart.

Anybody else with same xp?

This happened to me too. The enemy gali left then when the match was over the scoreboard showed the gali on my team in place of a marquis and only 4 players on the other team.

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you also can’t report leavers because they are replaced by bots (although I’m not sure if there is even a penalty now… or ever)

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