My Psycho build

I would like some thoughts on this tree build before I got through with it. I’m trying to make a hybrid of ranges and melee, mostly focusing on the green and blue trees. Now what I want most talk on is blood lust. On what skills I should focus on as I’m not sure witch kill skills I should I put the most points in. So, Any thoughts?

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Take the point out of Redeem the Soul, and your fire rate skills, unless you really want them, cause you should focus on explosive and grenade damage, Krieg has lots of that.

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remove the points in blood trance (unless you want to be in rampage longer like me, usually others want a shorter rampage time so they can slag after)

1 point in thrill of the kill is enough, and remove a point in light the fuse.

Blood overdrive is somewhat of a bad skill (unless you got a bad fuse grenade).

Then try to max out blood filled guns, blood bath and fuel the blood and empty the rage.

That build is a good melee explosive build, add in some slagga/grog, harold, and any other explosive weaponry you like. Use a rough rider, a fastball, explosive relic and a flesh crunch or sickle class mod (depends on your mood if you want to use guns more or melee).

Enjoy krieg.!


Why would you remove redeem the soul? It’s a great skill that often goes unnoticed

My suggestion. Spend the last 8 points however you want in the bloodlust kill skills

At least on console, redeem the soul is pretty awful co-op because you can’t do normal revives easily…I only take it when playing solo

for the OP, depends on your feelings on Blood Trance, some people prefer a longer buzzaxe rampage whereas others like myself like to cycle in and out of RTB and so I don’t want to it to last that long. You do generally want to max out Blood Bath. Light the Fuse doesn’t do enough damage at higher levels so I wouldn’t take it.

This link to Krieg’s skills guides might come in handy incase you didn’t see it already. Anyway, close to the build @Piemanlee posted, this is what I used most often when I played melee with bloodlust instead of hellborn:

Although I find this one

more enjoyable to use due to both the increased rampage duration as well as the lack of Fuel the Blood, since it increases the damage Silence the Voices inflicts on yourself when it procs.

And to add to the Blood Trance opinions (spoilers: I’m not really adding anything new to the conversation here):

Some people (maybe most people) see Blood Trance as “being stuck in rampages with no weapons/slag longer” or “less often invulnerability frames” while I see it more as “less rampages ruined by StV’s self-damage chains”. If only I could have it in a hellborn-mania melee…

It’s a good skill for last-second revives. You wait as much as you can before trading places with your teammate and (hopefully) getting the kill they were unable to achieve, getting into RtB’s health range upon a 2nd-wind or revival.


It’s not that Redeem the Soul is never useful, I just wish there were different toggles for it and a normal revive. Most of the time, I’d just rather do a normal revive.

I’d recommend the builds Maveco posted; I use a full Legendary Sickle melee build pretty much in the same vein. I have the Babymaker as a ranged attack, The Creamer for healing and quick kills also, Grog Nozzle cause it’s great for out of BXR melee health steal, and the Unkempt Harold or anything else I’ve found, really. Cause it’s a damn good sidearm along with Grog Nozzle. Always have The Rough Rider, it’s Kreig’s true shield (20% DR, with your base DR multiplicative to the 20% added + millions of HP points on UVHM, no need to ever shield break too)

I pretty much fill out the first two skills in Bloodlust, the three in the middle, and the two at the bottom. Mania, is about the same way, with fire rate skill, and redeem the soul ignored. Hellborn has 3/5 and 2/5 on the first two skills and 1 point in Pain is Power for 6/5.

Honestly your build is looking similar to mine, it’s called the Jack of All Trades Krieg build, and it runs very well on equipment similar to what you listed. Usually I use a rough rider with a slag butcher, corrosive butcher, slag norfleet (for emergency situations) and a double penetrating unkempt Harold while running a legendary reaper class mod. Usually ends up being unstoppable I find, although you might be go into fight for your life mode a lot, it is easy to get out of.

I’d say that light the fuse isn’t very good if you’re playing solo, especially on UVHM, do you usually play by yourself and are you on UVHM?

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