My Radiation Bone Shredder for your Fire

Boys and girls… looking for a Fire Bone Shredder. Happy to trade my Radiation Bone Shredder for it or if you chose to just give it out of the kindness of your heart that’s ok to.


PSN: Adam jaz

Good Morning

Good Morning

goodluck not many people farm this gun, I got full set (in all elements) as I had to farm half the set and had others I know help me with there rng to get the ones I was missing for the set its one of those uncommon/underrated guns to farm for I think

Yeah I already got Normal, Radiation and Cryo… it’s a very easy farm so if none available to trade not a big deal at all.


yeah its about the rng luck haha I kept mostly getting normal ones!

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You are good luck my friend… 1st run at CrushJaw a minute ago…

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also its good gun with ammo mag perk on artefact or class mod :slight_smile:

and Transformer shield I would imagine.

dont think shock bone shredder can affect you well if you mean shocking yourself to boost shield but its still good shield.

I had no idea the Bone Shredder can be anointed as well. Picked up a nice one that has a chance of shock after depleting a magazine. Only one left to farm
Is fire :blush: