My Recent Attempt At Agonizer 9000

{As a bonus, NO SPOILERS!!!}

My most recent attempt at Agonizer 9000 aka Pain and Terror aka Penn and Teller was a smashing success.

Using Zane (Double Agent) with only two corrosive weapons, while it was my intention to die and do a quit restart and go do a DLC to get some levels, I actually killed it/them pretty quickly. My level was level 31 (I gained a level while getting to Agonizer 9000). I thought that Zane would be a problem for me, but apparently I was mistaken.

Go figure!

Yes, I am still using all twelve characters and haven’t hit the endgame yet. I get a character through a major point, then I stop and grab another character.

I have also decided to do TVHM when I get done, reduce my character count to four (just not using the other characters), and continuing with these four characters over again.

Also, since I have only been a bit sloppy with all of the challenges, I will do that on my TVHM characters.


yup… still working on it!

I admire your dedication. I have 10 characters and know just how much playtime that involves.


In addition, I don’t/can’t play every day, and when I play I only play for about 2-3 hours per session. But you have no idea how stubborn I am. I will persist!!