My revelation after playing something else

While they aren’t the same style of game, Battleborn and Overwatch will share/fight over, to some extent, a player-base.

Imagine a Venn diagram. One side has people that will only enjoy a FPS hero shooter (with a variety of melee characters too) with in-match character tweaking through a talent system and loot. That has an episodical, dungeonesque PVE campaign, as well as team and objective-based PVP in which some modes have aspects similar to MOBAS,

The other side will have people that will only enjoy a FPS hero shooter, with hich-octane, team and objective-based PVP with intricate maps more akin to an Arena Shooter.

Then, there are the people in the middle who would enjoy both, will play both, or only end up spending their money on one. I am one of these people in the middle. I bought both, and have played both (albeit Battleborn more as it’s been out longer).

While I enjoy jumping in for the faced paced, and relatively short matches in Overwatch, appreciating it’s high polish, as well as enjoying how they expand upon the game through other media such as their animation shorts…I find it hard to stay in for long. I find it just less endearing as Battleborn, and I’m aware that is completely subjective.

It might’ve been that I went from a couple of Battleborn-fueled weeks to jumping in to the tutorial in Overwatch, and found myself almost falling asleep. Who is this AI instructor? She certainly isn’t as endearing as Nova. This feeling continued as I jumped into matches. The environments are beautiful, the characters are well designed (though I love Battleborn’s style as well) but in game, the characters seem a little hollow. It’s like their dialogue is a little insipid, a little too generic, a little too safe. Maybe they will expand this more through their comics, and animation shorts; we’ll see. I find myself unable to play long benders like I’ve been able to with Battleborn.

So what about the future? Well, I’ll continue playing both, but I’m really hoping that Gearbox take this aspect which, for me, really sets it apart from other games, and runs with it in the DLC. I really hope they take the opportunity to flesh out more of the characters as they’ve done for the central cast. I really hope they make the addition missions something special with intricate final bosses (like Void’s Edge rather than The Experiment etc.) and different game mechanics in addition to ‘defend the point’ etc.

Now, I don’t believe Battleborn is automatically better. It has it’s problems, and it’s a different game. But if ongoing support is done well (optimisation improvements, the new PVP maps and modes, upcoming characters and character balancing, the implementation of ranked play, punishing/rewarding players etc.), I think I’ll continue to spend more time in Battleborn than Overwatch. For me, it’s more engaging, and I’m enjoying how it stands apart from just about everything else. I hope Gearbox can dedicate themselves to it, rather than it just being an great experiement.

And if I’ve learned anything from my time with Battleborn and Overwatch, it’s that Geabox better bloody well put Nova in a mechsuit for one of the upcoming character releases!

Have fun, whatever you play.

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I feel basically the same way.

Overwatch is not a bad game at all. It’s just overly simplistic for my tastes. It reminded me a lot of why I quit Call of Duty. It’s a twitch shooter and lacks depth.

Battleborn is more deliberate with more decisions and more to do. This is why I’m not paying full price for Overwatch. I’ll begin to consider it when it’s $20.

I really like Overwatch’s characters and graphics. I wish BB had those 2 aspects in it’s formula; it would be the best of both worlds for me.

I wonder if there’s this many Battleborn threads on the Overwatch forum…

You only see it mentioned every now and then, no real topics devoted to Battleborn. Honestly, the Overwatch forums are more often littered with alot of whining about aimbots and balancing of characters…even though Blizzard has already explained the whole aimbot issue clearly.

Not really a post about OW, more of a revelation about what I find most enjoyable about Battleborn. I could have made the comparison to Doom if I was playing it at the same time instead.

I do however apologise for the click baity title. It was an experiment to see what its effect would be.

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On that topic, Doom is a fun game!


I have both games and as flawed as it is, battleborn is my preferred game. Overwatch is simple, waaaaaay simple to the point where characters feels almost unfinished. They lack depth and honestly are walking stereotypes. I laugh when I play battleborn. I get irritated but I laugh more than silently call that marquis a ■■■■■■■■. In overwatch I’m bored to the same style akin to cod in the fast reflexs, fast firefights but I find myself disliking the characters because frankly they’re dumb. I legitimately want to punch tracer in the face every time I hear the voice cue. Gearbox, you have the better game and it sucks that people see blizzard and see perfect :confused:

Battleborn stuck with the cartoony theme, because it was the right call, you should see the scrapped borderlands 1 game reveal, that might be something you were looking for in this game?

Personally, I love the Battleborn style. The BL style even more so. They definitely made the right choice when the ditched the original style they had planned. If often wished they’d release an Art of Borderlands book.

OW crushed BB they’re not fighting over anything

Obviously TLDR for you…

And your statement is rather paradoxical.

For me I love the polish for overwatch and I play that game for my fix on competitive play whilst battleborn I play for the crazy fun and visuals. So in short overwatch winds me up while battleborn calms me down. Though between the two I prefer battleborn for its humour and the characters.

I wanted to like OW, but its just too fast paced and meta based for me. I like to pick one character and go all out with them but there are always easier classes or classes with counters to how you play so you get forced to change your hero and around and around we go. Wish BB would let us choose gearsets after team comp reveals but I like being stuck to your character for the round.