My save file suddenly deleted

I was 14 level and i had 3 legendary guns and 79 golden keys when i close the game and open it
My level dropped to 2 i dont understand whats goin on i spent all my day on this game so my save file deleted the problem is not level.I log out my shift acc still same i log on my shift acc still same problem so I cant use the same shift codes my 79 golden keys gone.How can i fix this problem

If you have Windows incremental saves enabled, right click on your save files folder and see if reverting to an earlier version restores your progress. A sudden drop like that can be the result of accidentally syncing an old version from cloud save to local when the latter is the more up-to-date one.

Are you using Epic or Steam?

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im using steam

i cant restore my save files there is no older file on previous versions i have 2 save file; 1.sav (228KB)
and profile.sav (7KB) there is no old file in this sav

Not sure what to suggest then. Just so you know, the profile.sav is the one that stores your bank contents, cosmetic items, and golden keys. I strongly recommend that you enable the Windows backup and/or make regular backups of your own on USB.

You can file a support ticket to see if the folks there have any additional steps you can try to restore your missing progress and keys.

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My windows backup wasnt enabled when i enable with usb there is one previous version in save files i have a 2 level save here not the 14 level here i sent a ticket im still waitin

Either it was save corruption or a problem with Steam Cloud if you have it enabled. But afaik Steam Cloud synchronize files, not overwriting saves that are newer on your system.

The files are stored on your PC, not on Shift. You should open a support ticket to report the problem, there’s nothing that can be done about the lost saves as no backup was made tho. But maybe they can give your golden keys back.

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Yes my steam cloud was enabled.Now i disabled i just want my gold keys i know this files not on Shift i mean maybe i can save my golden keys from shift but i cant.I sent a ticket but still havent answered