My Save is broken

My claptrap on TPS broke some how, when I try to join other people in online it doesn’t load my save data and I don’t know how to fix it and I have looked all over and havent found anyone else with this problem if anyone can help me please dm me how to fix it.

That is strange, the first thing I might do is look a .bak file and see if renaming it to .sav works. I f not I would copy all my .sav files and my profile to a USB try revalidating my files on steam ( if you are on steam) and if that doesn’t work then reinstall the game.

What system and did you use 3rd party software on it?

Backups. Always back up if you can. (I think the Xbox One is the only system that won’t allow it.)

Why doesn’t it? That’s crazy.

Would have been a deal breaker had I known about it before I bought into it. Saves are auto-synched to a server somewhere (“the cloud”) but there is no way to extract them yourself to any other device. Afaik, this is the first console since game cartridges with no normal way of backing up save files. Total travesty. What’s even more shocking is that no one seems to be lobbying for a fix to this. Are people really that complacent? Lazy?