My save was rolled back a few months

My save was rolled back all the way back to when the latest level cap was dropped. I would like to find a way to fix this

What platform are you on - PC, PS, XBox…?

I play on PC

Moved you to the PC tech support section. There are a number of possible ways that you could get your save file back, although none of them are guaranteed - it depends on your launcher (EGS/Steam), whether you had cloud sync turned on for that launcher, or if you have other backup features enabled on your PC.

The most common reason for a rollback would be file corruption, resulting in reversion to whatever the last local tmp file or cloud sync version was.

A few things you could check: look for a more recent .tmp version of the save file or see if you can roll the save folder back via Windows incremental backups. You’ll find instructions in the various threads in this section if you’re not sure how to do these. If you have other character saves that are still ok, back those up somewhere safe first (back up drive, USB, etc)