My sheet of items I got

Took a long time but here it is my list of items I got so far.

Looking for :
better infinity pistols with epc
Bekah with epc
King and queens call with epc
New maliwan dlc weapons with epc
New weapons with 2mag element or 100/125 ase
New class mods
5+ class mods
Or just god roll class mods
God roll artifacts
Grenade and shields with 50% elemental damage .
Protuberance with good anointment on it.

Anyone got this ?

I want it and will trade Some good stuff for it let me know .

Or if you have any weapons items I have on my list but you got better stats on your weapon let me know :slightly_smiling_face:
Im sure I miss something but if you have something really good or rare and it’s not on my list send me a message :+1:

Gamertag: mrbs87

I have a Snowdrift Deathless, a few Spirtual Driver COMs, and a couple annoited Protuberance for sure

can you show me stats or pictures ? :slight_smile:

Sure. I’m at work right now, but I will once I get home

May I trade you for these ; Ice breaker Otto idol Cryo dmg, Cryo efficiency, hp regen

Ice breaker vr with Asc,mag sz, Cryo efficiency

It’s Piss 50% Cryo

MIRV tac hex Cryo +50 rad
I have trades for thing you may like to add to your list if you’re online now I can send you a party inv to tell you the things I have.

Ill be on later today in like 3 hours :+1:

Finally… lol

I would like to trade for the Ice breaker otto idol - cryo dmg, health regen, cryo efficiency and Flesh melter otto idol - ASE dmg, corrosive dmg, movement speed.

Also have ASE 50% corrosive dmg

I have alot more items so if you want anymore pics let me know.

Update. I have looked on many forums and discords and I’ve seen epc infinities in other elements, but no radiation. If ur willing to let that element go, i can try and track them down. I know @skiblkdmnd7 h as been looking too

The rest of the elements I got , but if you find better ones I’m all in. :+1:

personally i feel like this is the superior effect.

what’s epc stand for

Extra projectile chance epc

I have a infinity with extra projectile I’ll trade you for the cutpurse deathless.

I am intrested in the rowan’s call fire 100% ASE, and the recursion shock cryo 100% ASE, I have to trade

I have kybs worth 485x2, fire/cryo, 100% ASE,
projectile recursion, corrosive/cryo, ase 2mags 50% radiation

also anything else on my list that might intrest u

On top of the infinity with extra projectile, I have a Cryo purple protuberance with “killing an enemy grants 5% weapon damage and reload speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks.

Willing to trade both for the cutpurse deathless.

is it still possible to get the lyuda, maggie and kybs worth all with rakk attack 100%, willing to trade for something i might have

Yeah I got all what do you have ?

Is that infinity better then the ones I put in my list ? And yeah I’m interested in that protuberance

A lot of those items I gave you :wink: but that cryo lump looks nice .