My Siren builld

I would like to hear back on what you think about where I put my skill points into.

What are you trying to do with the build? What gear are you using?

Subsequence and Thoughtlock don’t really go together, as you want to Thoughtlock larger enemies to draw aggro as opposed to using subsequence to rip through multiple smaller enemies. I don’t understand the 5 in restoration as it’s not a great skill in the first place (your friends move a lot, and you should be shooting the enemy). 1 or 2 in Restoration is enough at max level anyway. If you moved the Thoughtlock point to Wreck, you’d have a normal build for a Leg Binder class mod plus a few extra points from Restoration to put wherever (I usually go Elated and a point in Sustenance for passive healing between fights).


It would be more useful if you let us know what weapons, gear, what enemy areas, class mod etc.

Some of the points can be moved depending on the focus. However, i’ll disagree with CC above because i think TL and SS work very well together, but mainly in bandit areas. It takes the heat off you and can be pretty amusing to watch the chaos. If it’s in Hyperion areas don’t use SS, can be very painful watching the ball fly after Surveyors.

Depending on shield is whether you choose Ward or not. If you have a great shield with a small RD you don’t really need it, particularly with Inertia which is one of my favorite skills. But i’d rather have KR with that if being aggressive. If your sitting back you may not need it.

Helios is very weak unless you have 10/5 in it, so 4 points is not much good. Helps for healing if armed with a Moxxi, but are you? It’s best once the enemy are slagged and their shields are down. It works well with SS for this reason.

So, do let on to your gear etc. or it’s hard to say. most people will give you opinions, but is it correct for your build…