My Small Yet Strong Record

I’ve played ten matches. Here are the results. Reminder: I went into this blind. You can see the number of matches vs. time and also see how I didn’t get into late game with a lot of these.

As you may be able to tell, small number of games, large results. If you’re interested, here is the pentakill match.

So, I got the pentakill here. I was level 3, killed 4 after sentry was taken down, and almost killed one more before an Alani killed the Thorn first. I quietly cheered, and then became resolved. All I had to do was that one more time, and then a lil bit faster. I killed some minions and hit 4. Then, 4 more walked out. I killed 3, go ult, stunned the last two and got my penta.
This is slightly braggy, but at the same time, I had just picked him up. This is a small sample of my games, but it is shocking. And for a late game character, I should not be getting Pentas so early. As such, I think he won’t be as worse off as people believe. He will survive. And if he doesn’t, he will return, for we will always hear the name in our hearts.

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He’s THE pub stomp character so it really depends who your playing against. I have never pub stomped with him on PC simply because I feel it ruins peoples experience. On PS4 (My first platform) I have around your stats or slightly better while on xbox I think I had 60 or so kills before I even died once.

In a scrim or tournament setting he’s still really good but no where near as effective because it only take 1 stun to kill you unless you built full tank. Gearbox is balancing off of the playerbase as a whole instead of the better players which is not the way to do it imop. Even league balances strictly off of diamond and up players and tries to maintain the balance that way.

I know he needed a nerf but it only really needed to be the stun nerf since that would help stop him from snowballing against newer players so hard and still keep him competitive. His dps is now lower then Rath’s… you tell me that’s fine for his huge hitbox and now reduced CC and damage. He will have to be played like the old Deande meaning you should only dive people at half health or lower to secure kills or just be the initiation for your team.

Boldur got an overall buff to help his early game and still gets too keep his late game with the added burst. Boldur right now is the most broken character and should have gotten nerfed months ago but they can’t because his overall win rate and k/d is horrible. Again they are balancing based on the playerbase as a whole instead of the potential of the character.

Sorry I went on a little rant but I’m not pleased with the way Grant is balancing the characters atm…


Strong points.