My Sniper/Gunslinger build

I’m thinking of playing the first Borderlands and I remember I went with Mordecai so I’m doing him again. I have made this little build for me. I try to mix between the sniper and gunslinger tress with the rouger for healing and just extra DPS and utility. I’m thinking of having two pistols and two snipers, with ones hight damages one Jacobs and ones for rapid fired when enemies are closer or somthing like that. Feel free to tell me what you think about what I can changes.

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I like it! I don’t see any real problems here, it’s just about the same build I usually run.

Unless you use Bloodwing a whooooole lot(which is a good thing), I’d move a couple points from Carrion Call to Focus. You’re already down to a 14 second Bloodwing cooldown. With as much Carrion Call as you have you’d be throwing him out more than you’d be shooting.

Again, that’s a good thing, it just depends on how much you really want to be using Bloodwing.