My Sniper Zero loadout and skill build [pretty standard]

  1. Banbury Pimpernel in Fire, Slag, Corrosive, and Shock.
  2. Antagonist Shield, Legendary Sniper Class Mod, Slag Transfusion Grenade, and Bone of the Ancients Relic.

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That is indeed the stardard sniper build. There’s not much room to improvise there, especially since the level cap raise to 80 took what little choice you had by just giving it all to you.

I’d personally pick Unforseen over Fearless but some people don’t like Unforeseen and that’s completely fine. Fearless does at the very least contribute something if you’re shield goes down and helps with FFYL. Beyond that the only reasonable thing to even consider would be Two Fang but if you’re running a loadout with 4 snipers then it’s I can’t recommend it.

I guess one thing to consider is the level of your legendary sniper COM because running an OP10 version gives you a serious hit to your shield for only a small boost to your damage. I’d personally try to pick up a lvl 80 version. Dunno which one you’ve got going there.