My specs and performance throughout the game

i have an nvidia geforce gtx 770m, an i7, with 16gb of ram. I run the game on the lowest settings i can with a resolution of 1368x768. Only thing on high is textures. View distance is low also.

How everything runs so far:
Story missions: anywhere from a smooth 60 fps to the lowest of 32 fps (will come back and edit with specifics for each map as i play through story again)
Meltdown: paradise gets a solid 60 fps with little drops here and there while coldsnap is around 30-40 fps for most of the map
Incursion: overgrowth gets from 50-40 fps while echelon gets 40-20fps
Capture: on outback i get 60fps constantly. i have yet to play temple.

hope this helps with optimizing the game more i would love to be able to run it smoothly. lemme know if there are any settings or fixes you want me to try. here to help.