My story skipped a bunch when I went online

My story advance ahead of a major boss fight when I went online, pretty devastating To lose a part of the story when that’s the entire game. If anyone has insight that’d be dope, I’m bummed.

Had you been playing with someone else before that, or did you join someone else’s game?


I just joined someone’s game randomly online. And for some reason it just shot my main quest line forward. I had other people playing with me prior with no issues but when I went back through areas I had not seen there were no enemies to be found ( the cellar and the second vault boss)

They were probably that far ahead in the story - on-line progress also counts towards your solo process. When you quit co-op and re-launch in solo, the game should in theory take you to the last location you were in in your own story progression unless that over-lapped with what you did in co-op (hope that makes sense?)

So, if you’d completed to chapter 10, joined a co-op game and did chapter 14-16, then restarted solo you should be in chapter 10 and have the option to skip forward when you reach chapter 14.

On the other hand, if you’d joined someone in chapter 9 and player through to 12 co-op, you’d be in chapter 12 when you restarted solo.

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So I was on chapter 16 solo, didn’t play ahead at all and just joined their lobby, and had no option to return. I effectively joined a lobby and exited. Now I’m chapter 17 having not played a whole chunk. I really just wanted to play that boss, I don’t want to have to go back through the story again to get to it seeing as I’ve logged 20+ hours now. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly too

And…that’s why I dont do any online play until I beat the game on solo first

We’re all very happy for you.

Weird. Was the host in-game when you joined the lobby? You may have been unlucky and joined just before the mission checked off. You could try the relevant on-line play section and see if there’s someone who’s about to run the same chapter.

I’m scared if I do that again it’ll mess up my story even further lol

You should be fine if you find someone through the on-line play and trade section here, and coordinate a session for that one chapter.

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