My submission for the next Duke Nukem installment

Greetings. I’m not going to bore you with an introduction or explain my reasons for writing out ideas for video games. I feel like I have a solid addition to the Duke Nukem franchise, and I’ve written out the basic plot, along with key elements, features, and mechanics, to what I feel would be a great sequel to Duke Nukem Forever. I would love for this to be viewed and/or taken seriously by Gearbox and any Duke Nukem team developers.

What I have so far is 4+ pages of writing, going over the plot, key features, and game elements. I’m not sure if it’s OK to post all 4 pages of it here, but if someone from Gearbox wanted to contact me regarding my ideas, I could provide the document. Or, if it’s perfectly fine to copy and paste it here, I will do that as well. Either way, here is a brief rundown of the plot:

Duke Nukem: Rise from Ashes (working title)

Picking up from Duke Nukem Forever, we get a quick summary of what happened immediately following the game. SPOILER ALERT FOR DUKE NUKEM FOREVER. Duke Nukem stays true to his word and runs for president of the United States. He is crushed, however, by a powerful political figure who assassinates his character. Duke Nukem becomes a national disgrace, suddenly shunned by his once adoring public for his sexist and vulgar attitude. He fades into the shadows, his empire crumbles and his estate dissipates into nothing. The game picks up with Duke Nukem locked away in a dingy apartment, which he calls his “Hideout”. While watching the new president give a State of the Union address, he sees something that strikes him as odd. Acting on a hunch, he begins investigating, and finds that the new president, along with most of the rest of the U.S. Govt, is actually Alien Infiltrators. He doesn’t have the public’s support, so he begins a secret war for redemption, taking on the dark underbelly of this subtle alien invasion. His private war pays off, but before he can show the public that the U.S. Govt has been taken over by aliens, they arrest him and sentence him to death.

His sentence is carried out for the public to see, however, he awakens to find himself alive and well on an alien outpost, far from Earth. His death has been faked, and now the aliens have him in captivity. They plan on torturing him, then sacrificing him to their emperor as their final act of his utter defeat. As far as Earth knows, he’s already dead. He breaks free from his cell, however, and proceeds to battle his way to freedom.

Upon defeating his other-worldly captors, he returns to Earth to find that the Alien Infiltrators have enslaved the citizens. He comes back with a vengeance, and wages total war against the aliens. The final showdown pits him against the President of the United States, who reveals himself to be a massive alien overlord.

This game would see Duke Nukem go from hero, to zero, to dead, and back to hero again. The player would have incentive to replay levels over and over again thanks to some classic concepts that would be seamlessly and pleasingly integrated in, a customizable “Hideout”, and would include 3 types of online multiplayer to give players a chance at old school Dukematch action, new age “customizable, upgradable character” action, and even “Human Duke vs Human Alien” teamwork and co-op action. It would include a return to the old days of simple, yet expertly composed level music, graphics designed to take advantage of modern-gen capabilities while still managing to make character, item, and weapon models iconic, and would boast the most responsive and fluid gameplay of any throwback FPS today. I think it would make a great addition to the Duke Nukem repertoire. If anyone at Gearbox is interested, or if a mod sees this and thinks it’s acceptable, I’ll share the full document I have so far detailing the plot further, as well as notes on the items, weapons, music, etc. It’s very adaptable and is still in progress, and I’d be willing to hand it off to Gearbox should they like it.

Thank you for your time!



Sounds like a decent idea, I wish gearbox would make a truly excellent duke nukem game