My suggestions for a foxtrot buff

Less distance falloff on his burst rifle. 3 round burst rifle should preform better at range than Mike’s full auto.

Increase sticky bomb radius. The fact that it doesn’t blow up on contact means it isn’t as reliable at dealing damage, increased blast yield will make it more reliable for dealing damage.

Scrap cannon damage increase. It simply doesn’t do enough damage.

Maximum health increase. Whisky foxtrots lack of stealth means he should have more HP to survive better than Oscar Mike


I definitely agree about the sticky bomb.

I think I agree about the Rifle falloff

Scrap cannon isn’t supposed to do a ton of damage, but I could use with reducing the CD by 2 seconds.

I hadn’t considered the health increase. I was actually thinking a mild regen. Whatever is fine, but I think that more survivability is good.

Remember: The first Helix skill you unlock is to regen 200 HP over 10 seconds after a kill. This can involve killing minions.

I agree with the sticky bomb & scrap cannon, though. Perhaps they should replace the first perk (which pushes back enemies)…

… I was thinking of making Scrap Cannon - by default - push back enemies. They could replace that Perk with making it do a bleed effect on the enemy. I mean, it is scrap

Perhaps that extra DoT should only trigger when 2 pieces of scrap hit an enemy, instead of one, making it more of a close-medium range skill. That, alone, should push more confrontational play, if the player decides to take that perk/helix skill. That should also make up for the damage you were concerned about. By applying those changes, the cooldown shouldn’t need to be altered…

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Could you explain why Scrap Cannon isn’t supposed to deal a lot of damage? Whisky Foxtrot is classified as an Assassin, I believe his Scrap Cannon is supposed to be akin to something like a shotgun that’s modified onto his battle rifle.

Assassin characters are meant to deal large amounts of damage in a short amount of time, therefore Scrap Cannon is Whisky Foxtrots tool for large amounts of damage, in a short amount of time. With Whisky Foxtrot as the way he is now, he has no actual damage outside of him using his Ultimate to widdle someone down without having to reload or stop firing (mind you, the ultimate isn’t even instant, he has to load the 75 mag which takes about 2 or 3 seconds).

Oscar Mike is more of an Assassin than Whisky Foxtrot is currently, he has stealth, he has large amounts of damage, and just about the same mobility as Whisky Foxtrot does.

Survivability isn’t really a trait befitting of Assassins at all in my opinion, their meant to be squishy to balance out the large amounts of damage they can push out. Relying on their skill, agility, and mobility to get them in and out of hazardous situations.

To me, Whisky Foxtrot is the most underwhelming and underperforming character of their role in this game.

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I didn’t say a lot, I said not a ton. There are barely any abilities in the game that do a ton of damage.

I’m also not saying that scrap cannon doesn’t need love. I’d give it a wider spread and more damage, sure. But it shouldn’t do a 1/4th of someone’s health either.

I find the labels given on the character pages aren’t really set in stone and are a little to vague to mean anything alot of the time. From what I’ve gathered from his kit, he seems to be a more combat oriented version of Oscar Mike (no invis, ult requires active fighting rather than “set and forget” airstrike placement) which is why I think a HP increase is the way to go.

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Battleborn is derived from MOBAs, I think this is something we can all agree on. The MOBA genre is the foundation of how this game was designed, and being as such, Gearbox has designed and classified each character to play a certain role in the game (at least so it seems to me).

Having said that, the “labels” set upon any given character are indeed not set in stone as to what they can or can’t do, but it more so describes what they were intended/designed to do. For example: In traditional MOBAs you have what’s known as a Jungler. This role is designed for Assassins, their main role is to disrupt the enemy teams farming capabilities by killing them, or making them back from their lane, keeping them behind in levels and currency (basically just make it hard for them to fight at their maximum capacity). Now you can do this with any character available in the game, yes, but it will likely be more difficult and less productive at an overall standpoint of view.

This game is not a traditional MOBA, I understand that, and I’m not saying that it is, or that it should be, or that it would play better if it was. I think what I’m trying to get across is that Gearbox has “labeled” and designed each character to play a specific role that they’re best at in the game, and as such each character at their most base of stats should fit that “label” or role. Currently Whisky Foxtrot falls far short of his “label” or role due to the lack of damage his skills have, due to the lack of mobility, and due to the lack of overall performance of his character.

I can definitely agree with your assessment of Whisky Foxtrot being a more combat oriented Oscar Mike, but I honestly don’t see why or what an HP increase would do for him in the role he’s been classified in.

I agree that ideally, the character labels should be more accurate. There should also be a description of what these labels mean. However, that is currently not the case. ISIC is labeled as a tank. He certainly is one, no doubt, but keep in mind montana could also be considered a tank even though it isn’t in his label. Montana also has more hit points than ISIC.

I’d argue that whisky foxtrot’s current kit is so far off from being what I would consider an assassin that I would change the label. In order to make him a proper assassin his entire kit would need an over hall IMO. He really doesn’t have the characteristics that make assassins what they are. His “versatile” label seems accurate though, and that is the direction his strengths/skillsets should go.


my buff sugestion is name him whiskey tango foxtrot.

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Give the scrap cannon the default trait to push enemies back, buff his rifle damage back up to the 59 per bullet it was doing pre beta nerf, and increase crit multiplier. Stealthshampoo’s YouTube video of whiskey pre beta shows him hitting for 59 damage per shot and up to 170 crit, my beta whisky was hitting 33 per shot and 93 crit.

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One buff I think WF could be blessed with that probably won’t make him too insane is to buff the burst speed of his rifle and/or the refire rate of his rifle.


say, does anyone noticed that choosing the scoped over the laser is not that nice? i felt him too weak for a semi-sniper. i mean, with that scope, and with 3-4 round bursts it doesn’t feel that powerful. maybe giving him more damage but more recoil? he looks stronger than Oscar Mike. Oscar Miguel for the hommies

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Yeah i always go with the laser sight over the scope. I played him more mid range than long range so i found the laser scope easier to target with. The animation of bringing the scope up when you aim blocked your view of the battlefield for half a second which was enough for your target to be no where in sight. The laser snaps up faster and didn’t block your view at any point

Agreed. Whisky Foxtrot wielding a Battle Rifle he should be effective at long to mid ranges, with his weapon being augmented with a Scrap Cannon he should be just as effective if not more potent at close range, and that definitely defines the Versatile label given to him.

Maybe they should completely remove the Assassin classification from Whisky Foxtrot completely, and just call him a Pusher or Skirmisher like his counterpart Oscar Mike. I think it’s definitely something for Gearbox to consider at least, if they’re even concerned about such things.

Also! I had no idea Montana wasn’t a Tank, I honestly thought he was… :confused:

Pusher, skirmisher would both be better terms. Combat is another classification I would give him.

Yeah, it’s weird. Tank isn’t in montana’s label even though he has damage reduction as well as the highest total hitpoints in the game, besides kelvin after a few meals. My point though, and I think you understand, is that even though he isn’t called a tank he certainly functions as one.