My suggestions for BL3

  1. For the drop rate: When the player creates a new character, the simple mode and standard mode selection can change the drop rate in the game. (Almost all players choose the standard mode, so the simple mode is currently useless)
    For players who are new to BL or who are tired of repeatedly killing bosses, you can choose the simple mode. In the simple mode, the world drop rate is greatly increased. For players who have played Borderlands 2 or other series, the standard mode can restore the drop environment and experience of BL2. Most guns are dropped exclusively. Only some special monsters can drop various weapons, such as Treasure Dink, Robot Dwarf, etc. In this way, the new players are taken care of, and the needs of the old players are also met.

  2. For the difficulty of the game (personal opinion): I want to invincible bosses with invincible mechanics, rather than simply adding shapeshift time (the sign showing immunity to all damage is uncomfortable, at least it gives me a feeling of interruption. Some bosses take too long to transform, such as The rampager). For example, Kiravolt’s invincible transition is very good (he becomes a current and the player needs to clear the mobs), making people feel that kind of inaction.
    BL2 ’s invincible boss mechanism is what I admire the most. It is not a staged one, but it was placed there from the beginning. Gee ’s invincible shield, big sandworm will drill into the ground, and Hayboris ’s four guards provide the invincible shield. Wizard provide shields for hunting. If the wizard dies, the hunter will enter a state of rage. Or the fake invincibility caused by the four dragons flying in the sky (because you can hardly hit them).
    Bosses of a certain degree of difficulty can stimulate the challenge mentality of players, and also allow players to find friends to play in groups. For a single boss (no mobs), if a player is attacked and unfortunately enters a struggling state, other players can take advantage of the interval between boss attacks to rescue friends increased interaction.
    Also, I hope GB does not make all invincible bosses into takedown form. I don’t like to kill a lot of mobs before fighting boss. In my opinion, I should pay the admission fee, then directly challenge the boss. If I die, I can have a rebirth in a minute, then challenge again.
    3.For the useless state of purple coins in the later period: I think GB can open firearms to rebuild . You can add a new NPC or add functions directly to the existing NPC. You can spend more purple coins to drop the weapon again. Or modify firearm accessories, of course,limit the number of times you can modify.

  3. To reduce the good game factors in BL2: Raising monster, some monsters can be raised to be invincible state (ultra thick HP) on multiplayer difficulty, and exclusive drops are added better.
    Rare monsters, similar to the chubby monster that was added in the late BL2, have a lower probability of occurrence, only it will drop certain legendary modules or artifacts.

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