My suggestions - (Great game so far!)

I’m loving the game so far! The single player campaign was a lot of fun, and the story line and voice acting was fantastic! It nice to have a new addition to the Homeworld IP!

That being said, there is room for improvement… And as such I would like to suggest the following improvements:

  • We need to be able to zoom out more in the standard view mode. It is much too close to the terrain. Almost double the current zoom out would be ideal.

  • The pace of the game in skirmish/multiplayer is much too slow. This is primarily because of the slow rate at which scavengers harvest resources. I would consider increasing the speed at which units harvest resources. (as it stands right now, most of the game is “waiting”, and its simply not enjoyable), I would also give each player a small trickle of resources at all times, so that even if all resource locations have been harvested, you can still build something.

—At the very least, Deserts of Kharak should copy the harvesting speed (and consequently the speed at which combat ensues) of Homeworld 1 & 2. Any slower than this makes for a very dull game play experience with everyone sitting around “waiting” to have fun.—

There are a number of individual unit/balance changes that need to be made. As well as increasing unit speed for some of the incredibly slow land units. But for now, the above two changes to economy speed and zoom will help immensely.

Great job on the game guys! I hope we see a number of new updates, improvements, and DLC/expansions in the future!

while I agree with the first point partly, zooming out a little further would be nice, I completely disagree with your point on skirmish/multiplayer.

Combat can start in 60 seconds of match start and the fate of the game can be determined in the first 5 minutes if you raid and harass the opponent effectively. The problem is players are new to the game, it’s been out for just over a day.

I’m on holidays at the moment here in Australia and I’ve been playing multiplayer PvP all day today, having a blast. The balance of Coalition Assault Cruisers and the Gaalsien lack of turrets is a bit questionable in terms of balance, but other than that the biggest issue is region locking is back again!

I have made a thread on the bolded issue, it’s bad.

While combat can potentially start in the first 1-2 minutes (if you want to rush your opponent(s) with fast attack vehicles), that hardly dictates the pace of the game as a whole. Aside from an early rush with 3-4 light units, the rest of the game is incredibly slow going.

Harvesting units retrieve resources so incredibly slow, it takes a good 10-15 minutes just to build a decent sized attack force. In most RTS games, it takes no more than 1-2 minutes to build a decent size assault force to keep the game flowing (and for good reason). Any RTS game that forces you to sit for an extended period of time while you wait for your resources is asking for a dull game play experience, to say nothing of the fact that we cannot adequately counter our opponents choices if it takes us so ridiculously long to harvest the resources to build the counters.

At the very least, Deserts of Kharak should copy the harvesting speed (and consequently the speed at which combat ensues) of Homeworld 1 & 2. Any slower than this makes for a very dull game play experience with everyone sitting around “waiting” to have fun.

Combat starts in the first 1-2 minutes with 10-20 light units, not 3-4.

I usually fan out to take 3 resource points as Gaalsien as quickly as possible (2 production cruisers at rear with carrier up the front), and I struggle to build faster than the income coming in.

My decent sized military force is continuously flowing into what I already have on the front line, I don’t camp and build up, I’m constantly looking to harass.

These are all learn to play issues, not completely you either the slow pace will be everyone else still figuring the game out, it’s just been released it’ll take weeks for the metagame to settle.

I’d like to see levels of tactical overlay being changeable like in HWRM, There were so many times when I needed the overlay icons visible but they were not because of distance. I want to be able to toggle them on all the time or set various levels so it fits the current need.

Here in lies the basic resourcing problem. You, as Gaalsien, CAN expand so rapidly that you are able to field such a force. Try doing that as coalition, no where near that easy.

I should also mention that having that first free support ship IS part of the problem there.

It is not really free, you need to research production cruiser refinery to expand

I need to research a 700CU research option that takes ~45 seconds to get my production cruisers resource collection capabilities.

The game lacks replays, spectators and map ping features (among other things). As an aspiring competitive game it doesn’t deserve 9/10 it gets in reviews.

It makes me sad how bad multiplayer is in this game. It is like they just put basic multiplayer so thay can say that the game has multiplayer and that’s it.

I would like to see much bigger scale maps in the future for skirmish

, more support from devs within steam. a co op campaign would also add to lifespan of this great game.