My Super Damage Kill Everyone and Laugh Build

This is the build I’ve come up with for Phoebe and I have a lot of fun and some great results with it.

Vow of Vengeance - 7.95% AD, 4.4% AS, and ,80% AD stacked on hit up to 10 are the stats I got
Quick Nano-Repair Infector - 7 Health regen per second, 28 Shield recharge per second for 30 seconds after buying a buildable- just your standard green health regen item although the shield regen comes in handy later
Unstable Reaver’s Exo-Greaves- 5.57% Movement speed, 4.18% Movement speed for 5 seconds after landing a melee hit, +17.41% Recoil- these are great for sticking to your enemy when they’re trying to run if you don’t want to use your phasegate to catch them

Left L1 helix
Either L2 Helix ( I use both depending on the team I’m against but the left synergizes with a later morph more)
Middle L3 morph this is VERY important the 150% damage comes in huge later
either L4 helix I only use blade rush at the beginning of a fight for a little damage
Middle L5 morph THIS IS YOUR DAMAGE this attack after true strike hits 4 times and counts as true strike so it gets the 150% bonus damage on every hit and hits everyone in front of you
Middle L6 morph this is where the shield regen comes in you don’t need your shield to be at full for this to proc. Even if you have 1 shield if it breaks your phasegate comes off of cooldown
Right L7 helix
Right L8 helix
Any L9 helix you want- again I don’t really use blade rush
Left L10 Helix

This is the build for Phoebe that I use to pub stomp players. This kills every character in the game 1 on 1 and sometimes 1 on 2 or 3. Just for proof that this works I’ve linked my first penta that I ever got using this build in Incursion:

I hope you guys try this build out and I’ll be posting my Orendi and Alani builds soon :slight_smile: