My take on BL NPC's

1.Claptrap is just comic relief

2.zed is good comic relief

3.Crazy Earl is just irritating

4.Scooter another good comic relief

5.Brick was like a major moral booster, “Slab did you just Jump off, you are the best Slab ever”

6.Roland was Doom and gloom, with a nice style, and delivery

7.Patricia Tannis was like strange, but enjoyably so. And somewhat understandable why she was like that Her story and all.

8.Mordecai was like a lot of Drunks I have seen in real life, capable, but self destructive.

9.Hammerlock was entertaining, and funny at times.

  1. Moxxi was sort of exactly what she should have been for a woman that went through men like a sharp Chain saw through wood.

  2. Lilith was the most unlikable character in the game for me, acting like some middle aged Valley Girl, and I’ll be darned if she is not the one that will be in charge of BL3 :frowning: I did like her in BL1 though.

EDIT >> I forgot one of the most Adorable Characters ( Tiny Tina ) She is both funny, and weird, and it works, Brick and her make a fine pair. ( I hope if they increase her age they don’t lose some of that Borderlands Cuteness she has )

I guess I find Tina, and Brick as the two most uplifting NPC in the Game.


Not a bad sum up, and I can take a guess Brick is your favorite NPC thus far. Though I gotta disagree with you on Crazy Earl. The guy is funny, in a rabid raving mad kind of way. His interactions with Marcus in the Commander Lilith DLC was funny as hell to me.

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I found Brick and Mordecai pretty annoying in BL2’s main game. They were alright in the DLCs though. Roland was fine but a little bland. He’s kinda reasonable and ethical, which makes him feel out of place on Pandora. Of the original vault hunters I actually liked Lilith most. Corpses can be cozy.

Brick is not like totally my favorite, but even though he was a merciless killing machine he seemed like one of those motivational speakers in that everything was always upbeat.

I did not mean Crazy Earl was not needed, I should have added a smiley to that, but he is irritating :slight_smile:

I am sure a lot of people like Lilith, I just found her drab, quite often condescending remarks to make me feel belittled around her.
The other thing was when ever she was in a staged fight with you, her stupid supposed phasing powers blinded me, and made it hard to see my targets.

***** On another subject, I watched the BL3 Presentation, and Claptrap sounds like he has a Clothes pin on his nose or a bad cold, he did not sound right at all… Did any one else notice that?

To be fair, Clap-Trap is being voiced by a new VA. He definitely doesn’t sound the same, but I don’t really think it takes away from the character itself. Clap-Trap is still Clap-Trap, still that annoying, funny, pitiful character we know and love. As for your thoughts on Crazy Earl, well, that is your take on him. No need to explain yourself, you have your opinion of him. I just find the crazed hermit funny, if not a little condenscending. But that’s the point of his character. I think his mind is sort of backwards when it comes to handling people and circumstances.

Lilith is Lilith I suppose. Yeah, can seem big-headed and unapproachable, but her heart is in the right place. Albeit it can cause her to be reckless and make terrible mistakes. I think the Lilith we’ll see in 3 is a little more matured then who she use to be. She would have had to change to grow into her position as a leader. We’ll just have to wait and see come September…which I feel is not coming fast enough.


That explains Claptrap, I imagine I like you will get over the different sound.

I just remember my dad had this Laugh box when I was little, and when he hit the button on it this person started laughing, and laughing, and laughing, and eventually it made you laugh.

For some reason when claptrap talked in the other BL it always reminded me of that Laugh box.

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It’s a fond memory you’ve connected to a character you’ve also likely grown fond of. That or the sound of Clap-Tp’s voice could have sounded similar to that laugh box, hence how you made the connection. Either way yeah, Clap-Tp’s voice can be funny, if not a little grating after awhile.

Still, I think it’s awesome you can associate a happy childhood memory with a character in this game series we adore. You’re just making more happy memories that way. As for Clap-Tp himself, I’m sure if he met you, he’d be ecstatic to know his voice brings a smile to someone’s face.