My take on chain zane [Build: Hyperion Beast]

[Lv 57/DLC 2 Update at the bottom]

I see every Zane running Moxsys Chain Zane build lately and its arguably one of the most efficient builds for Zane, closely followed by ThiccFilAs Banjo God King.
However I believe dumping 11 Points into Under Cover for 35% gun damage, allrounder and brainfreeze is suboptimal in regards to what you are missing out on.

Also, especially for the takedown where 100% of the enemies are shielded, I recomend running a shock redistributor for general mobbing because it, compared to radiation, provides a greater bonus against shields (100%) and armor (15%) while only a relatively small penalty against flesh (-35%), so I believe its a net positive. However i dont know how much total shield HP vs flesh HP are to be killed during one takedown.

As seconday weapons I use

  • shock hyperfocus (for valkyies and wotans shield)
  • corrosive hyperfocus (for valkyies, wotan and shock heavys)
  • corrosive cutsman (only for reliably destroying krakens and wotans legs)

The three main weapons are hyperion smgs, so it is very efficient to min/max for bonuses benefiting those. You’d be amazed how good the hyperfocus actually is on Zane. I absolutely fell in love with this gun.
Every gun has 100% sntnl cryo anoint, this is very important, since its the highest damage anoint and the only source for freezing enemies because this build does not run brainfreeze.

Rest of my gear is:

  • Transformer with 15% sntnl speed anoint
  • icebreaker victory rush
  • cryo recurring hex with 25% ogt anoint (cryo hex helps freezing enemies to trigger ice breaker more often, providing greater benefit than radiation or shock)
  • seein dead (4 violent violence, 1 playing dirty)

The skill trees

Seein Red seems redundant, right?
Well yes, but actually no. I heavily spec into hitman anyway so this one point Investment is a no brainer for me. Its so much qol and gives you a nice headstart. I wont go without it.
The com i use provides 4 points VV, which i believe is the best general dps skill zane has together with PD, however 5 Points in PD are enough to have 100% uptime. Donnybrook is a good skill, but absolutely inferior to VV.
1 point in salvation is enough surviveability, but i guess you could take one point from cool Hand and spec 2 in salvation if you want to play it safe.

Double Agent

I dont spec into under cover at all, so most of those remaining points go into double agent.
Praemunitus, borrowed time, supersonic man and trick of the light are very good skills. TotL is very underrated imo, especially when mobbing with the redistributor and multiplayer.
Its a 36% bonus of damage DEALT and procs more often than you might think.
BT helps keeping up the barrier, and SSM synergises with violent momentum.

Action skills are:

  • Barrier with no augments obvoiusly, but if you pay attention to your positioning you wont feel a big difference not having allrounder
  • Sntnl with winters drone to help freezing and bad dose

In addition I have an incendiary hyperfocus in my inventory for melting Tyreen and Graveward and a radiation Lob for every other Boss in the game, except Agonizer. He gets the corrosive hyperfocus treatment.

I hope you like this build and maybe give it a shot.
Constructive feedback is appreciated.

[Lv 57/DLC2 Update]
I use the 4 new skillpoints to max out cool hand, playing dirty and borrowed time and 2 in salvation.
Replace transformer with cryo old god for more damage on the sntnl cryo anoints.
And replace ice breaker victory rush with pearl of ineffable knowledge.


Looks good. I just need some annointed hyperfocus SMGs and I’m set.

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Man this build is awesome! Those hyperfocus SMGs really melt. Only thing I had to get used to was making sure I positioned myself properly in fights since I didn’t have the dome.

Good job!

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Thank you :slight_smile:
I just added an Update for lv 57 and dlc2 gear at the bottom ^^

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Gonna farm for an Old God. Didn’t even know about it until now

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While youre at it, look out for the pearl of ineffable knowlede. You get it as quest reward from claptrap during the dlc.

Its currently the best artifact in the game. Gives you insane damage bc some wonky calculation.
Zkarma did a video about this artifact if you want to check it out ^^

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“TotL is very underrated imo, especially when mobbing with the redistributor and multiplayer.
Its a 36% bonus of damage DEALT and procs more often than you might think.”

Mind clarifying above statement please?

  1. Undercover tree gives 35% Gun Damage consistently. How is Totl better than this?

  2. Unlike a Clone build, you don’t really have any way to “distract” your enemy to trigger the bonus damage for yourself. So they seems to be even worse solo. Not sure what do you mean on the redistributor trigger.

@srulz sure, let’s do some math ^^

  1. Zane gets a lot of gun damage through Violent Momentum, Synchronicity and Donnybrook.
    All gun damage bonuses are added together.
    40% Sync, 45% DB and at least 20% VM but lets assume you get 1% gun damage for 1% movement speed (I dont know the exact scaling, but it should be somewhere around 1% with death follows close and seein dead).
    60% movement from Violent Speed
    24% from Superdonic Man
    At least 6% from Bad Dose
    Added together is at least 195% gun dmg without sntnl speed anoint and gun damage rolls from artifact and com.

Now lets say your gun does 100 dmg.
Without confident competence:
100 + 195% = 295.

With CC and full shield:
100 + 230% = 330

330 compared to 295 is a ~12% increase.
310 : 295 = ~1,118.
So for a 11 point investment you get ~12% relative weapon damage increase or less depending on gear.

TotL is a 3 point investment (5 if you count the 2 points to progress the tree far enough to unlock TotL) for 36% of dmg DEALT. Its multiplicative. We deal 295 dmg not factoring in elements.
295 dmg get 36% bonus dmg.

In a party of 4 there is a theoretical 75% chance enemies are targeting someone else.
So TotL has a theoretical 25% chance not to proc.
4 players: 36% - 25% = 27% -> 295 × 1,27 = 375
3 players: 36% - 33,3% = 24% -> 295 × 1,24 = 366
2 players: 36% - 50% = 18% -> 295 × 1,18 = 348

So if you play multiplayer, TotL it is better regardless of party size while also a smaller skillpoint investment.

  1. Redistributor chains clip through objects.
    You can hit enemies behind objects or behind cover that can’t see you, thus not targeting you. This happens really frequently but it is impossible to put that into actual numbers.
    So TotL also procs while playing alone.