My take on Command3r Keen's Earth Breaker build

Shamelessly plagiarised from Command3r Keen (of course I credit him in the video and in the video description), this is my take on the Groundbreaker abuse melee build for Amara.

I haven’t unlocked Groundbreaker yet, though I do have a pretty awesome build already. Can the DOT of Unleash the Dragon and mines from the White Elephant contribute to its effects?

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I think that groundbreaker is a must for this build to work. How far are you off getting it?

A few points. I’ll have it by the end of the week.

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Do you have the gear needed? If you are on PS4 I can help with this…

eta of course you are, we have traded before. Let me know what you need and I will send it you

I think I’ve probably got most of what I need, but thanks. I’m looking forward to getting that perk though. My melee build hits for multiple millions as it is already, looks like I’ve got a major boost coming though. Next time I play I might just turn on the XP boost and farm the Scraptrap nest.

I’ve been farming for low level wards. The action skill dot is enough to break the shield.

I’ve got a bunch at lv.1, Phaseslam, various elemental anoints.

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I have found that lvl 5 or 7 is better as it doesn’t eat into the health bar as much

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I actually use a totally different shield on my melee build. The Frozen Heart ASA is really nice. Every time you use your action skill everything in reach freezes and your fists then do a lot more damage against them. I call it my Frozen Fists build.

I use that for mobbing. I have it with shield break anointment. I use the ward for bossing

Yeah, I realised earlier the Ward would probably be better for bossing. Mobbing: Unleash the Dragon, Frozen Heart ASA. Bossing: White Elephant, Brawler Ward. I also find the Phasezerker to be better than the Breaker mod because you get your action skill back faster.

This build only works with the driver

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I’m looking for the 300% roid with the 100% ASE melee anoint, level 5 :wink:

So far, the best low level ward I have found…

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