My Take on FL4K's Master Tree Play Style

FL4K has been very fun to play, I love their kit and general play style with the pet, but there are some things that really need to be addressed.

Gamma Burst is still broken. It continually stacks the one minute cooldown if you use it to revive your pet. I shouldn’t have to find a place to quit the game and then continue because the cool down timer of Gamma Burst has reached 5 minutes plus just for me using its function of an instant pet revive.

Psycho Head on a Stick is still broken. I’ve tested it over and over again and it never procs. I really would like to use this skill and would love them to fix it.

The pets are pretty solid, but they could do with some tweeking to an issue that seems to be the true killer to pets in one shot. They aren’t smart enough to get out of AoEs. Pets with constantly melt due to the fact that unless the enemy moves or you notice and command them onto a different target they will just stand in puddles of death. I feel like the pets should have either AoE reduced damage or AoE immunity, do note I am not talking about immunity to rocket launchers, grenades, or Anointed enemies AoE attacks; just the puddles left after barrels, pipes, or certain attacks.

This is not a big issue, but if something could be figured out it would be nice. I like running with the Skag pet, and I’m sure others like using the Spiderant, but there are three bosses to my knowledge where these melee focus pets become essentially useless, and one where even the Jabber with it’s ranged attacks become useless.

  • The First is Katagawa-Ball, jabber works fine, Skag and Spiderant can’t really contribute.

  • Second, is The Graveward; same as Katagawa-Ball kinda forced into using the Jabber.

  • The Last, is the Agonizer 9000; this one is special in the fact that all pets lose their usefulness since you spend more time picking them up after they get smacked by the low saw blade ( they’ve noway of avoiding, which I feel they should be immune to, than is feasible as well as the Spiderant and Skag being unable to really fight it do to their weak slow ranged attacks.

The only other problem with pets is their Attack Action. It just doesn’t feel worth while to use it. It takes time for the pet to use it and usually by the time they do you’ve lost all built up Frenzy stacks. And they just don’t feel like they hit that hard for the pet taking time to select a target, have them run over, wind up, then preform the attack (This seems more prevalent to the Spiderants, the Horned and Erdium Skags, and the Beefcake Jabber); this is especially disappointing as the Master Tree pairs well with the Stalker Tree and it makes the SIC 'EM skill feel like it’s not being used to it’s max potential. On a side not I don’t know if it’s a glitch, or just a super small radius, but the Eridian Skags Singularity attack doesn’t seem to suck anyone in other than the target they are right on top of.

The final thing I feel needs to be looked at is the Cap Stone for the Master Tree, Dominance, it’s not a bad skill. It just doesn’t feel like it should be a capstone. Especially when it’s biggest effect and max usefulness is on beast type enemies which tend to be few and far between among the hordes of CoV. That, and in my opinion it doesn’t mesh with the play style very well. I’ve not really seen much of anything in FL4K’s kit that makes you wanna run through and towards gunfire just to bonk an enemy who will do very little damage in 12 seconds.

Well, that’s my take on FL4K’s Master Tree play style. Tell me what you think of my opinions, what I might of missed, or where I may be wrong.

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I agree. I like the skill, but they could put something much more useful for the Beastmaster play style there.

I also feel like they just might need some better scaling. Honestly, if they just gave the pets the same modifiers in mayhem as the enemies (I’m only talking about the basic ones, not the randomized map effects) it’d be a lot easier for them to stay alive.
The Spiderant does have some ranged attacks so it’s not completely useless against ranged bosses but the Agonizer fight is problematic for sure.

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