My thoughs on the open beta and suggestions

I’m not sure if this should be on battleborn forums or open beta but anyways, here are my thoughts in general about the game and things that could be better:

  • First I want to talk about the “business model”, I’m not sure how this is going to go but I really like the buy once model, what worries me how this is going to go in the future: I know there will be 5 new characters in the future and I know there will be a couple more story mode missions on the season pass/expansions, what worries me a little is the fact that story mode drops unique legendaries so there is a potential for very good legendaries being dropped on expansion missions thus being out of reach for the people that don’t really want the DLC’s, and may create an advantage on versus mode for people who bought it, no one wants a competitive game to become pay to win so gearbox should be really careful with that. Hopefully this is just a stupid concern. On the other hand I would not be opposed to having comestic things added to the game as paid content like some very cool skins (not just recolors) specially if this helps gearbox fund new free content like more characters after those 5 that are already coming. I’m not sure if they plan on releasing new character frequently and for free like most games like this do but I would very much like to see that happen as it keeps a game like this always changing.

  • Now lets talk competitive play, I love how the game plays and how balanced it was on the beta (sure some tweaks may be needed but I didn’t see many broken things). I think the ranked games should have a character selection a little close to MOBAs, having a pick/ban phase and/or not having mirror characters across teams adds a very nice counter pick mechanic to the game.

  • For game modes I would like to suggest a new one: A training mode where you can test your items, different skill paths, face a certain bot enemy. Just a simple map where you can control what level you are, how much money you have, reset skill point, put any character as a bot, control their behavior and so on. That helps a lot when testing different things, for example I found myself playing galilea a lot and she has several skill that can reduce healing on enemies but I didn’t get the chance to see how much this affected a battle, If had a chance to put a bot using heals and then apply my skills and see how much it affect the ammount healed I would probably have a better grasp if its worth getting that skill or if should just take something that makes me do more damage instead.

  • Lastly I would like to see a quicker transition from opening the game to getting into the match, all the logos that appear when you open the game that you cannot skip are pretty frustrating when for example your game crashes and you want to get back to it ASAP, or if you internet fails for a minute and you get DC’ed and needs to come back quick. During a match every second matters so it should be as quick and easy as possible to get back to it.

That all I could think of right now, I really loved the beta and I hope this game gets all the love it deserves, both from players and developers.

I appreciate your post and your choice of profile icon.

Legendaries in this game, as they stand, are fairly situational items that help provide momentum to wins, but provide nothing if you’re losing. Having content locked behind a paywall isn’t the best idea, but I doubt it would be a situation of pay to win. Even so, your concern is legitimate.

They plan on increasing the roster to a nice 50 characters if the game continues getting support, and sales numbers are satisfactory. They also plan on adding actual skins to the game, I believe in those DLC packs.

I couldn’t agree more with having a better form of picking, but with the roster’s size I don’t think we can afford bans. I also don’t think having the same character on the other team is that big of a problem, considering how unique each character and how tight of a niche a lot of them fill.

All in favor of a training/testing mode. It’s vital for the game’s meta/strategy developing quickly.

I agree with increasing the ease to getting into a match, especially as someone who crashed over and over during the beta. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying my hardest to love this game as much as possible to make up for the people who don’t.

you can do easy solo story mode for testing a new character

Good to know that they plan on increasing the roster. I guess for playing against the same character could be something to be considered once we get a bigger roster, but on the other hand the fact that you can have completely different skill paths makes 2 of the same character be a little less like each other.

Well testing on storymode is kind of fine but I wanted to test very specific things like how long can I tank a turret, on which level am I able to solo the 2 mercs with a specific character, which places can I reach using benedict’s flight ability and so on. I want to be able to see my level and the level of my enemy and know for sure that I can kill them or if I should retreat before I actually go and fight them, this is an essential knowledge on games like this.

50 characters?

spits water everywhere

Where on Earth did you read that, that’s colossal, I thought it was up to 30.

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I saw the 50 character mentioned by a Dev here on the forums a couple weeks back.
I think they actually said something like: We hope that the game has a lot of support and we’d like to get up to 50 characters as a target goal.
So we know they will be releasing 5 more characters soon after launch…and it sounds as if they have another 20 which they are kicking around…so yeah, I hope we get there too.

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If you have a friend or friends to play with set up private matches with them on opposite teams as the characters you want to test against? You can choose whether to have bots on the enemy team or not so you could set up a 1v5 private match for training purposes.
That’s what I did anyway, what you’re asking for sounds like the training modes you have in fighting games and that would probably be more ideal, being able to be face-to-face and see numbers instead of killing them off then waiting for respawn and regroup.