My thought on why droprates suck. M10

GB increased annointment but decreased drop rate. In other words, based on M10 for example

100% annointed gear will drop.
100% of the gear dropped will be annointed.

There is a big diffrence that we are all seeing

My thought.

I think theyre incompetent to post a hotfix ehich makes dedicated loot worse and instead of mass purples and no orange im seeing blues and greens on m10.

I do not need to theorize why things are so bad when they decide to add new modes to the game.

My theory is they need to do their job and playtest before rolling things out.

Almost every game has a player test server.

The effort you put in is not rewarded. IM Not asking for handouts my wife and i just farmed for items for hours and we had crap blues and greens majority of the time.
Killavolt dropped loot the universe garbage vendor trash legendaries.

We got one monarch. We farmed.over and over and over for hours until she had migraine n said f this.
If co op loots even that horrible its worse than before… Dedicated.loots now a pipedream

It was never this bad previous to mayhem 2.0 loot the trash legendaries universe etx

I’m definitely getting more drops from Traunt so that’s not the case in my experience.

The event is what’s messing up the dedicated drops. They’ve polluted the drop pools from named and bosses with the world drops, making it more difficult to get dedicated drops.

I haven’t farmed non-bosses enough to have an opinion on whether or not drops have increased there.


From what I’ve seen since hotfix with Traunt is every legendary he drops is now anointed.

Yes, they’re all anointed on M10. There was an issue yesterday with shields not being anointed but I’m not seeing that today.

Right… I recall seeing something about that.

How are you making out with the elemental Kaoson’s SixPack? Pretty thin for me.

the cartel mini bosses never spawned for me today unlike yesterday in pandora they were plenty so i think the update patch has skrewed up cartel weapon drops not had one today,

Very thin. I haven’t farmed a lot today because I’m working but the ones that dropped were all kinetic.

hes droping sheilds today with 100 amp on next shot when shield break i got a transformer with this anoint

Yea, he’s dropping mostly shields unfortunately. I get a Rectifier almost every time and that’s kind of ironic.

Got all the Transformer anointments tho.

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I would just like to get one stinkin backburner from agonizer that farm is horrible solo and im sick to death of it

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I guess I have to pray to God or something before I get blessed with a radiation shredder, laser sploder, or faisor.

Problem is that the dedicated drop rate is horrible let’s take traunt for example 1 out of 15/20 kill you will get either the Koosan/tanksman. Now let,s say you are farming the Koosan: Multiple element - Good Annoitment - x1/x2 variant - and 3 firing modes (full auto,burst, semi) this gun is pretty much 1 of the best example of how bad this loot system is and getting the perfect version legit without trading or being and big time streamer is not even worth the time when you know that the gun will be useless once they up the level cap or release mayhem 15 or some garbage like that. That the third time we have to refarm our gear in a very short time.

Couldn’t agree more my friend… Dedicated drop rates suck big time. For four hours of my time last night I got one elemental Kaoson with the worst anointment and damage on par with M7 while farming on M10. It is frustrating for sure.