My thoughts about HW 1 Remastered


The day the devs said “We ported HW1 to an upgraded HW2 engine! ISN’T THAT NEAT?”, I already knew Homeworld Remastered wasn’t going to be what I expected. It wasn’t going to be an exact remaster, like FreeSpace Open. To be clear: in that 1998 game, if you somehow recorded a macro of all your keyboard/mouse input, and executed them in the open source remaster, it would give you the exact result. I’m not sure if HW1 veterans expected that level of preciseness, but if it’s a ‘Remaster’, it should play the same, right?

I expected nearly every single problem I had playing today. Broken formations, broken support frigates and resource collectors. Dynamic difficulty, the ******* chance based combat system. I could have known more if I played more HW2 (captured carriers unable to use to build, for example…), but the fact is that I don’t like the way that game plays. A reason to be double frustrated seeing how know our ‘HW1R’ plays.

Perhaps because I expected all of this since that day, and maybe a little because of the amazing graphics, I had an awesome fun time today. Played for ten hours straight, I’m now at Bridge of Sighs. But I can’t avoid to feel that this isn’t the definitive Homeworld ONE Remastered. This is without a doubt Homeworld 1 ported to Homeworld 2 Remastered. It isn’t what I waited. I’m not gonna say it wasn’t worth the $29, because it was, it’s an awesome game and the devs deserve to be praised for the effort and love. But I feel a bit sad, nevertheless, disappointed because I feel that most of the essence of the original Homeworld isn’t here, in this remaster.

Just my two cents. I respect those who still love and feels great with the result, and those who are maybe more disappointed than me. But I just wanted to express my thoughts.

GBX, I cannot express how bad I think it was the decision to port HW1 to another engine. But nevertheless, I wanted to thank you people because you bet on a dead IP (an IP that, I must confess, is my most beloved one) and managed to resurrect it after twelve years. I know, it’s just a game, but we humans sometimes attach to the most strange things. :slight_smile:


Nice post. I share your basic sentiment, although personally I feel most (not all) of the essence is in the remastering. It’s the imperfections in that which we love the most which produce our greatest anxieties.

I think at this point it would be unreasonable for the community to expect GBX to make HW1:R play exactly like HW1:C, but I still hope they can bring it a little closer. I’ve overcome some of my initial dislikes by trying to be objective and embracing a willingness to adapt, but there’s some important omissions or oversights too (and I don’t feel all differences are “important”).

GBX say they love the IP and they’re listening. Let’s keep the dialogue running in the considered, respectful manner you did, and see what happens.

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